The Great Trail

Canada is home to some stunning and diverse landscapes that make it easy for any traveler to want to roam our horizons. Traversing the Northern lights in the Northwest territories, to the mountains in British Columbia; from the Great Plains to some spectacular oceanic views on the East, we truly have you covered coast to coast. What better way to see it all than by foot?

Envisioned 25 years ago, The Great Trail is now a reality. 24,000km of unbroken trails spans all across Canada, marking it the longest trail in the world! [1] Whether you’re looking for a soft, quiet ride or a thrilling adventure, there’s a trail out there with your name on it! And if you choose to go explore, don’t forget to pack a trusted pair of the Urban Poling poles to keep you company. Designed to give you a full-body workout while also working as hiking poles (simply remove the boot tip), our poles do an excellent job in providing you with ergonomic support and optimizing shock absorption, so you can take a smooth next step.

If you ever decide to explore our magnificent Canadian lands via The Great Trail, do so confidently. You just might be surprised as to how solid your footing, with the support of Urban Poling, might be–even on the rocky edges. We know the road ahead isn’t always easy and so from us to you, we wish you an epic journey as you discover our homeland’s natural beauty. May you feel the warm welcome of the Canadian spirit with every step.

(To preserve the beauty of The Great Trail, please feel free to make a donation of any kind should you be inspired to. Here is the link to contribute:


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