Put a Green Foot Forward for Green Monday

Urban Poling is all about helping people from all walks of life walk to better health. In honour of Green Monday, which is today, December 9, 2019, we’d like to highlight how pole walking is a wonderful way to not only increase your health and fitness, but also contribute to making our world a greener, healthier place.

Every time you decide to walk–poles or no poles–you help reduce the carbon footprint, which is essentially the amount of carbon dioxide an individual produces. Globally, Canada is in the top 10 list for carbon emissions per country, with China and the US taking first and second lead. [1]

By pole walking, you actively support a healthier you and also a healthier society. A set of poles engages most of your body’s muscles and gives you a thorough workout, all the while burning at minimum 20% more calories, compared to walking without poles! Based on the numerous stories we’ve had the pleasure of hearing and featuring, Urban Poling has been instrumental in improving the lives of so many out there. Be it chronic health conditions, weight loss, pre/post-surgery, and so much more, our poles have helped people in multiple ways.

Here at Urban Poling, we believe in walking to better health and know that a set of poles can help you do just that. In honour of Green Monday, let’s all be proactive and put our “green” foot forward in whatever ways we can. Together, we support a green world–one step at a time!


[1] https://www.visualcapitalist.com/all-the-worlds-carbon-emissions-in-one-chart/

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