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Recommended by leading surgeons, physicians and therapists, our evidence-based ACTIVATOR ℗ Poles were designed by an occupational therapist & gerontologist specifically for rehab and long-term conditions. This unique patented design enhances strengthening, stability and off-loading with your safety in mind.

ACTIVATOR ℗ Poles may be beneficial for pre/post hip knee surgery (upon assessment of a rehab professional), soft tissue injuries, Parkinson’s, stroke, MS, chronic pain, cancer rehab, spinal conditions and older adults.*  There are currently 19 independent studies on the ACTIVATOR Poles at hospitals and universities in Canada and the renowned Royal Orthopedic Hospital in London, UK.

  • Button locking system for greater weight-bearing capacity
  • Maximum User Weight 250 lb (114 kg)
  • Weight-bearing per pole 200 lb (90 kg)
  • Patented ergonomic Coregrip designed for core strengthening, balance and off-loading while reducing strain on the wrist
  • Bell shaped tip for stability
  • Wide ledge instead of a strap to reduce the risk of injury
  • 3 Anti-vibration features to minimize stress on joints
  • Adjustable to user heights to 6′ (182 cm) & ACTIVATOR 2 is 6’4″ (193 cm)
  • 2-section collapsible poles for travel
  • Includes a user guide
  • Click here to watch our video on how to adjust your ACTIVATOR Poles and learn the ACTIVATOR Technique
  • FDA registered

*If you have any of these conditions, consult your physician or therapist before using the ACTIVATOR Poles or if you are currently using or have been recommended to use other devices for walking.

Maximum user weight: ACTIVATOR Poles is 250 lb/114 kg. ACTIVATOR² Poles is 320 lb/145 kg.

Mandy’s Tip:
The cost of ACTIVATOR Poles may be covered by your insurance company.
Learn more about Third Party Funding including Veteran’s Affair Canada, ICBC& WCB/WSIB. Request an estimate from your insurance provider.


Product Liability Disclaimer

Urban Poling Inc is proud to be donating 1% of all ACTIVATOR Pole sales
in Canada to the
March of Dimes Canada.


Urban Poling is proud to announce our partnership with VeDA (Vestibular Disorders Association),
a world-renowned and widely recognized organization in the area of balance. 


UPC – 894577001016
Colour – Silver with red & iron grey design
Quantity – 1 pair
Size – adjustable length walker’s height: 128 cm to 183 cm (4'2" to 6')
Max weight of User 250 lb
Collapsed length – 74 cm (29")
Pole sections 2
Weight (pair) .655 kg (1.44 lb)
Material high-grade aluminum
Locking system secure button locking system
Grip Patent CoreGrip – ergonomic comfort, strapless, rubber
Carbide metal tip for trail, beach and snow
Bell tips (removable) – High quality 55 durometer rubber
Anti-vibration features handle grip, ferrule and rubber tips
Velcro strap secures poles together for storage
Instruction user guide and online video instruction

24 reviews for ACTIVATOR® Poles

  1. Liann Sims

    Very happy with these poles! I have improved my balance and stability on my walks. I feel I am now getting the most out of walking.

  2. Linda from Ottawa

    I used the ACTIVATOR Poles for each of my four joint replacement surgeries. They were a must, kept me well balanced and walking upright and with confidence daily. Just recommended the Poles to a friend who will soon have hip replacement surgery. Absolutely superior to a walker!

  3. Anonymous

    I have been using activator poles largely in part of mobility challenges. Love them well worth the investment in your health, it as allowed me to live virtually pain free, as it lessens the load and has allowed me do things that I would normally not be able to do. The poles have allowed me to keep moving an to travel places in the world. So pleased of my purchase.

  4. Adriana

    *Edited excerpt

    I LOVE these poles. Honestly, I’ve not paid much attention to the toning, weight loss etc because I’ve been hiking 2-10km daily since my spinal surgery in 2016. I’ve gone through a few very cheap poles. I mean, a pole is a pole, isn’t it? NOT!!!! I’m SO impressed with these poles!!!! I can put my full weight on them and use them to lean on when I have to stop & stretch, or just rest. They feel like they’re part of my body. They’re not heavy so proper angle & motion is something I don’t think about. These poles just make it happen. I even had my chiropractor inspect them and she’s given them a thumbs up. I recommend them to everyone who asks about them. I like them better than my cane.

  5. Janice

    *Edited excerpt

    My Dad called me on a winter afternoon telling me his Urban Poles was gone. I bought the Poles for my Dad a month ago, and he instantly fell in love with them. With the Poles gone, my Dad was upset, shocked and confused. In chalk on the sidewalks all over the neighbourhood, he wrote a message offering a “reward” for knowledge of whoever took them or the return of the Poles. But he never gave up. Committed and determined to find his Urban Poles, about a week later, they were finally returned! Back on his feet with the Urban Poles, he continues to feel safe, stable and confident with each step he takes.

  6. Amazon Customer

    *From Amazon

    I bought these after becoming paralyzed. When my walking started coming back and I wanted something lesser than a walker these fit just perfect. Sturdy lightweight. I can take them anywhere. A bit more money than others but it shows.

  7. Roxanne

    From Amazon

    I [really] like my walking poles. They give me great confidence to walk standing up right…I was [introduced] to these by my physiotherapist and so glad I ordered them.

  8. Donna Mueller

    *From Amazon

    These walking [poles] are amazing, the best ones I have ever owned. I love the grip handles, your hands stay firm and steady on them. My walk is so much better. Thank you [Urban Poling.]

  9. Glen Tolhurst

    *From Amazon

    I like the way they are made for each hand specifically with the contoured hand support. This permits a more relaxed grip on the pole and doesn’t chafe the thumb area of the palm of the hand. I use them everyday for my evening walk to “unload” a replacement hip that is still sensitive as is a knee with worn out cartilage. Keeps me active.

  10. Dr Stanley Coren

    *From Amazon

    This is a nice sturdy set of walking poles for use on urban streets. The tip pads are big, nonslip, and help to steady things. The pin lock for setting the height of the polls seems to be quite secure.

  11. Dr Stanley Coren

    *From Amazon

    This is a nice sturdy set of walking poles for use on urban streets. The tip pads are big, nonslip, and help to steady things. The pin lock for setting the height of the polls seems to be quite secure.

  12. Norman Burgess

    *From Amazon

    As a 91 year old senior with knee weakness I recently added urban pole walking to my exercise routine. It not only helps me walk to strengthen my legs, but it also exercises my upper body muscles, and helps me stand erect. The bonus is that it is a very enjoyable activity. These Urban Poles are an excellent product which I adapted to very quickly.

  13. AMP4

    *From Amazon

    I love these poles! The mechanism to adjust the poles is very easy and holds in place. The handles on the ACTIVATOR poles allow you to rest your hands on while walking, so there is no slipping. The bells are wider than most poles so they offer more stability. I also purchased the boots and I’ve been walking with these every day. Great upper body workout. Highly recommend. Well worth the money.

  14. Rebekah

    *From Amazon

    If one suffers from lower back problems these poles will help keep your back straighter than using a cane or a walker. These poles are good quality and attractive and are worth the investment for both walking and mobility issues.

  15. Jim Mitchell

    *From Amazon

    Very comfortable natural fitting aid for stable walking. Make sure you measure your height with your shoes on if you are close to 6’ tall as you may need the taller sticks.

  16. Amazon Customer

    *From Amazon

    Having had a 2nd hip replacement in March 2020, recovery went well. However, I was concerned with my gait…waddled quite a bit. The activator poles, a suggestion from my physiotherapist, came to the rescue. Love walking for long distances when I use them. Better stability and distribution of weight than using a cane!

  17. Doug Humphries

    *From Amazon

    This product works and functions [as] shown in the [instructions]. [My] wife has had 2 hip surgeries back to back in the last year and half.

    This product has given her mobility back and its stable easy to use and excellent for balance and power walking

  18. Brenda Rockwell

    *From Amazon

    I highly recommend these walking/hiking poles to anyone recovering from hip or knee surgery. If you need that little bite of stability while walking, these are the poles for you. No bothersome twisting and turning to set height needed, you just pick the height needed and click into place. I use mine everyday.

  19. Dorothy

    *From Amazon

    I recently found out I need both my hips replaced. We had booked a trip to Germany and I needed something which could help with the walking I would have to do. My cane was not going to do it. These poles allowed me to enjoy Germany for 2 weeks. I found them true to their listed benefits – reduce pressure on hips and knees and stopped my “waddling” so I was more stable. Due to my improved posture and hence movement, I was able to walk longer and further, though breaks were a necessity. I recommend what the retailer suggests – build up your use and do not lean on the handles as if they are crutches. Leaning will put too much pressure on your shoulders, back and arms. I also love they can be adjusted to accommodate different heights (I am 5 ft 3 inches) and can be reduced to fit easily in about half the overhead compartment of a plane. The only drawback is that it is hard to carry anything in your hands so a backpack is the best for a purse, briefcase or luggage. I have dumped the cane and will use the poles for now on.

  20. Anne Bolender

    *From Amazon

    I love these. Getting back to fitness after an illness that left me rather week. These Activator Poles are really helping regain my pre-illness fitness level. I must also applaud Urban Poling for their shipping of these Poles. They arrived days earlier than I had expected, which is always a really great bonus!! I would definitely recommend these Urban Walking Poles to anyone and everyone!!

  21. Adam

    *From Amazon

    This product was purchased for my mother (85). This allows her to take longer walks. She never wanted to use a cane ( I would look old!) but with this she actually feels younger. She used to go to Europe often and is familiar with the Nordic walking sticks and a technique. These are just better and safer Nordic walking sticks for her.

  22. Adam

    *From Amazon

    This product was purchased for my mother (85). This allows her to take longer walks. She never wanted to use a cane (I would look old!) but with this she actually feels younger. She used to go to Europe often and is familiar with the Nordic walking sticks and a technique. These are just better and safer Nordic walking sticks for her.

  23. Keith, Ontario

    I was steered in your direction by my Parkinson’s Disease physiotherapist and I am very pleased that she did. My gait has improved and I have reduce my time to complete my walks by some 30-50%, so now I am focusing on going greater distances. My therapist recently remarked that I am not shuffling in the normal way I have. I am pleased that I am getting this result after actively using the poles for about 30 days. Again thanks for such a great product.

  24. Alex, Ontario

    The poles were for my wife who is recovering from hip replacement surgery. She uses them for a daily walk and finds them helpful. She also used them in September in Budapest, Vienna and Prague as we were travelling in Europe. Again very helpful. I suspect that they will become a permanent part of her walking routine.

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