Wendy Wilkerson is a Master Trainer at Urban Poling.
Benefits of Activator Poles for People with Arthritis

“Hiking has become a victory — albeit, a small one — over rheumatoid arthritis. I am proving to myself and others that I will not let rheumatoid arthritis win; that with a few adaptations I can still live and enjoy life,” says Eileen Davidson, who has rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Benefits of Activator Poles for People with Parkinson’s

Listen to the conversation with H. Black about how the Activator Poles helped him fight Parkinson’s disease and improve his daily life.

Benefits of Activator Poles for People with Arthritis

During this emotional and humorous interview, Rick Phillips explains the benefits of poles and exercise.

Benefits of Activator Poles for People with Parkinson’s

Sharon Krischer was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in October 2009 after several years of experiencing odd symptoms.  Ever since she has read everything, she could find on Parkinson’s with the goal of finding a way to move on – literally – and not be defeated by the disease. In this episode, she is talking with Mandy Shintani about the benefits of using the Activator Poles for people with Parkinson’s.

All about falling: the down
side of PD

When Life Gives You Parkinson’s is an honest, funny, and engaging podcast chronicling host Larry Gifford’s personal journey with Parkinson’s disease. In this episode, he spokes with Mandy Shintani, the creator of the ACTIVATOR Poles by Urban Poling. “These are great tools, especially for gait, balance and confidence issues,” said Larry.

Benefits of Urban Poling

Join Erica DeMarch, founder of Step and Connect and inventor of Balance Matters as she interviews leaders in medicine, health and wellness to give you up-to-date information re: balance tips, resources and exercises to implement in your practice.www.stepandconnect.com

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