Parkinson Support Center

Parkinson Support Center



reg. 114.99 for $ 103.49

reg. 124.99 for $ 112.49

reg. $ 99.99 for $ 89.99

reg. $ 99.99 for $ 89.99

Proudly Supporting  Parkinson’s Support Center of Northern Nevada with 10% of every pole sale.

*If you have any conditions, consult your physician or rehab professional prior to using the ACTIVATOR poles
or if you currently use or have been recommended to use a mobility device for walking. 

Parkinson's Wellness Course with $75 Off | Next Course: October 15, 2022

Discover how to be instrumental in facilitating your patient’s goals to become more confident, independent
and active within their community.  

Game changer is a common term from patients with Parkinson’s describing this program

Evidence-based ACTIVATOR® Poles are prescribed as best practice in Canada and abroad to improve
outcomes for balance, posture and all aspects of gait for Parkinson’s rehab.  

Learn how to use this unique patented design to achieve maximum benefit for the ACTIVATOR Technique for balance and ACTIVATOR PUSH for enhancing larger movements in exercise program. Your patients will love this revolutionary program that significantly improves walking ability while inspiring them to exercise!  

The course price is $ 399.99 with the discount you will pay $ 324.99 (ACTIVATOR® Poles included).
Use coupon code PSCNN75 at the checkout area

ACTIVATOR® Poles included!  

ACTIVATOR® Poles for Parkinson's


Harry McMurtry who has Parkinson’s, completed the highly acclaimed event 500 Miles for Parkinson’s from New York to Toronto by walking 15 miles per day.  Early in his journey, Harry started using the ACTIVATOR® Poles which he called a Game Changer.

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