Minimizing Risk of Falls – Study (LTC/SNF)

Join us for an in-depth review of the ACTIVATOR ℗ Poles as they relate to minimizing factors associated with risk of falls. From their innovative design & patented ergonomic Coregrip, the ACTIVATOR Poles have been used to improve core strengthening, posture, walking tolerance and normalize gait pattern for older adults.


This webinar includes:

Research review on factors related to fall prevention, an overview of the ACTIVATOR technique and results of a new study out of a LTC/SNF at Ste-Anne’s hospital, Montreal with individuals 80 years+ before and after a 12-week Nordic walking program with ACTIVATOR poles from co-author Liz Ferland.  These results are from a 2018 Poster Presentation at the Canadian Physiotherapy Conference.

Content Information
October 25th 2018
9:00 a.m. PST
Mandy Shintani, Reg. OT(BC) & Gerontologist, Developer of ACTIVATOR Poles
Healthcare Professionals
Guest Speaker:
Liz Ferland, Ste-Anne’s Hospital
Webinar recording available below in English and French

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