Michelle’s Journal – Week 3

We are grateful that Michelle, an Urban Poler, has offered to share her fitness journey with us on our Blog. Join her as she reflects on her goals and her progress each week. We hope you will be inspired and motivated!
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This week was an interesting one.  I had some successes and some challenges (I won’t call them failures).

As I mentioned in week one, I have just started a new job.  For the last few months, I have been working part time from home and now I am back to full-time in an office environment with a 40-minute car commute.   Now it is interesting but I am enjoying my time in the car.  It is my alone time with the radio and no disturbances.  It allows me time to transition from home to work and vice versa.  I have begun to look forward to my drive time.  The only down side is that I am sitting still.   I go from my desk to my car, which is not good for my waistline.

Another high note has been the job itself.  I find it challenging but fun. The day races by so there is little time to think about snacking.  Also, the people are great so there is little stress which for me, which is a big plus as I tend to overeat when I am stressed.

Another positive this week was getting out again with my Urban Poles.  I forgot how much I love walking with them.  I have always been an outdoor exercise person — I work out better and for longer when I’m outside.  I was drawn to the poles because they are so simple to use yet so effective.   I was able to get out twice this week as I committed to – once with my sister and once on my own.  I was taking it slower than I did before, as I need to re-build my stamina.  My sister and I try to get out at least two times a week.  It is always better for me to have someone to go with, as I am less likely to find an excuse not to go.  Next week, we plan to increase our distance and speed.  It felt so good to be back!

On a less positive note, I’m struggling with my food tracking.  Part of the challenge is planning what I’m eating.  Although I cook most nights during the week, I find that our schedule has been more fluid recently what with my being back to work and swimming ramping up, etc.  I need to work out some simple yet tasty mid-week low point meals.

I was able to meet my goal of working out with weights.  I did it while watching a TV show at night.  Maybe not ideal, but I fit it in where I can.  I was also able to do longer walks, so I was pleased with that.  My commitment for next week is I need to work on my meal planning and continue with my exercise routine.

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