Men’s Cancer Health Awareness Month

This September is Men’s Cancer Health Awareness Month, and Urban Poling would like to encourage an increase of regular physical activity as a method of maintaining an active lifestyle. Controlling a healthy body weight through eating well and physical exercise is one of the leading factors in reducing risks of cancer. According to the Canadian Cancer Society, about one third of all cancers, “can be prevented by eating well, being active and maintaining a healthy body weight.”

A lack of physical activity could lead to an increased risk for breast, colorectal, esophagus, liver, kidney, pancreas and uterine cancer. But being active is easier than you thought. Regular physical activity, something as little as 30 minutes a day, over a lifetime, drastically reduces the chances, and encourages a whole new outlook on life!

Although your doctor is able to suggest the best exercise practices for you, the low intensity workout of Urban Poling is suited for users of all health levels. From those who are used to more strenuous workouts and hikes, to those participants just getting over a recent injury and looking to increase their walking and movement, Urban Poling can turn your daily physical activity into a social event!

Many clients are finding Urban Poling provides a greater workout compared to walking alone, as the poles use 90% of your muscles, and are effective at core strengthening. Not to mention the poles are a lot of fun, and easy to incorporate in to busy schedules.

Some tips provided by the Canadian Cancer Society are tried and true encouragements to undertake Urban Poling. These include: don’t worry about starting small, every little bit counts, go for a walk, set your own pace, get that heart beat up! Even grabbing your poles and going for a walk on your lunch break is the perfect method of fitting a little exercise into your busy day.

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