March Break Fun with Urban Poling!

March Break is fast approaching and whether you’re jetting away or planning a staycation, this week off means lots of family time! We encourage you to take advantage of this time together to focus on active family time, which is so important for forming healthy living habits. Urban Poling is a great option, as it’s an activity the whole family can join in on! Read on for our suggestions on how you can make Urban Poling a part of your March Break vacation or staycation!


For the vacation-bound: your Urban Poles will help you explore your vacation spot as a family, from Banff to the Bahamas! End off a day of skiing by taking a walk with your poles to explore the ski hills and local scenery. The beach-bound can take in the beautiful scenery by walking along the beach with their poles – the sand will increase your workout by providing a little extra resistance, and you can take a break and cool off afterwards (or mid-way through!) by dipping your toes in the water.


If you’re planning a staycation, you might have some fun activities already planned and you can bring your poles along! If you’re spending a day at the ski hill at home, a walk with the poles afterwards is a great way to end off the day. You might also enjoy a late-afternoon walk with the kids, heading to the nearest coffee shop for a hot chocolate or simply a walk around the block followed by cookies and hot chocolate at home! We bet you’ll all be happy to get outside with the warmer weather, and the last few days of winter provide a great opportunity for a nature walk to enjoy the winter scenery while it lasts. The colder weather might have kept you in throughout the winter, so it will be nice for the kids to spend some time outside and for you as a family to see the local parks and forests in all their snow-covered glory before the springtime thaw.


Wherever your poles take you this March Break, we hope you’ll share your adventures with us on our Facebook page!

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