using Urban Poles & Postural Restoration!

This webinar will introduce the evidence based benefits of Nordic walking which include improved posture, core activation, and joint pain reduction.   Jon Schultz, MPT, OCS, PRC describes how using the Urban Poling technique can promote the 3-dimensional movement that should normally occur through our pelvis and rib cage and  pump our lymphatic & cardiovascular  system when we walk. It is ultimately our breathing coupled with the alternating rotation of our bodies while walking that drives this mechanism and generates kinetic exercise.  

Exercises that can be used for telehealth with a PRI emphasis will be demonstrated and reviewed.


Top 10 Reasons for PRI practitioners to attend this webinar:

1. There are over 290 scientific studies substantiate the benefits of Nordic walking.
2. Provide referral sources for new non-invasive ideas to address impairments related to chronic pain.
3. Offer a new resource (Urban Poles) to help treat your clients and differentiate your clinic. 
4. Promote increased safety with home based PRI exercises when using Urban Poles as part of telehealth visits.
5. Generate additional revenue and promote other exercise options now that gyms are closed.                     
6. Learn how Urban Poling can help both your own physical & mental health and is great for weight management!
7. Opportunity to improve clinic visibility through news stories and community building events.  Learn how to start a group to urban pole through your community..  
8. Learn why Urban Poles are different from other trekking poles on the market.
9. Viable option for clients looking for an alternative to canes and walkers.
10. Support clients worried about elderly parents falling at home due to inactivity.
Info Details .
Date & Time:
May 7, 2020 at 7 pm CT (8 pm EST & 5 pm PST). Recording available with registration.
Guest Speaker: Jon Schultz MPT, ECS, OCS, PRC. Postural Restoration Therapist Host: Mandy Shintani, Reg. OT(BC) & Gerontologist
Private webinar for Postural Restoration Members.Be one of the first 10 members to sign up for a chance to win a Get Started Package! Package includes: Urban Poles, online Activator Course (CCU approved APTA) and Promotion Materials.
FREE PRIVATE WEBINAR for Postural Restoration Members.

Jon Schultz Bio

Mandy Shintani Bio

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Vanderbilt University and Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy from the US Army Baylor’s Program.  Background in chronic pain management and stress resiliency techniques (amitsood.com) from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.   Jon is also MN Board Certified in Orthopaedics.
Like many physical therapists, my first introduction to the career came after I sustained an injury. I was serving in the army at the time and broke my leg. I was very fortunate at that time to receive outstanding physical therapy and recovered completely. Actually, due to the expertise of my physical therapist, I was faster competing in triathlons than before this serious injury. This experience provided the inspiration to combine two of my passions – giving back to the community and sports – into a career
Mandy Shintani, has been an occupational therapist for 30+ years and is a gerontologist.   She is an international conference speaker on urban poling aka Nordic walking for rehabilitation and fitness.  Fifteen years ago, with her skills as an OT, she developed the evidence-based Activator Poles (patented) and technique specifically for rehabilitation, which are the focus of 10 current independent studies. 
5,000+ therapists and wellness professionals in Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland and more recently in the USA have completed the courses she developed on the use of Nordic walking for fitness and rehabilitation.  These courses are CCU approved in the USA with ProCert (APTA), ACSM and FAI.  She has been featured numerous times in media and was a finalist in the prestigious YWCA Women of Distinction Award for Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

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