Keeping Active in the Snow

Emily Powell and Marguerite Thomas, writers of Walk Safely this Winter, are correct when they say: “enjoying winter can be enhanced by safe outdoor winter activities, especially walking.” We couldn’t agree more. Going for a stroll in the great outdoors, even a quick one, is a great way to get your blood pumping all by a relatively simple form of physical activity. She adds: “Walking is an activity that helps us to avoid falls as it improves our balance, strength and posture.” When you add in a pair of poles, the aforementioned gains are even greater.

Going for a walk with the Urban Poling ACTIVATOR poles supports those who have trouble with their balance and/or stability. This includes hip/knee surgery, back surgery, lower extremity pain and so much more. If you know someone that’s limited in terms of mobility because of their health condition, consider discovering how the ACTIVATORS can help. Not only do they support your every step through their CoreGrip ergonomic handle and anti-vibration features, they also come with a carbide steel tip that you can use in the snow once you remove the rubber tips.

Our fitness series poles are also an option for those who’d like to take their walks to the next level. These are for anyone who doesn’t need help with their balance and stability and work like ski poles. Simply take them along with you and enjoy a full-body workout! Similar to the ACTIVATORS, these too, come with a CoreGrip ergonomic handle, anti-vibration features and a carbide steel tip underneath the rubber tips.

Walking in the Winter time isn’t a favourite activity for many out there because of the cold (or rather blistering cold). Nevertheless, for a good source of motivation, the poles might just do the trick. This season take your loved one(s) for a brisk stroll around the neighbourhood and reap the joy of Nordic walking!


To read the full article written by Emily Powell & Marguerite Thomas in the Huron-Perth Boomers magazine (p. 8), please click here.

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