Fall Prevention Month

Falling itself isn’t always a bad thing, some of us even pay to fall! Activities like bungee jumping, sky diving or even roller coasters give us the sense of falling without the negative consequences associated with it. It’s when falling is out of our control and we are unable to catch ourselves which results in causing injury. Injury due to falling effects over 63% of seniors and 35% of working adults can be a life changing event (Statistics Canada, 2015). One of the best ways to avoid falls is by maintaining your physical health and exercising regularly.

With November being Fall Prevention Month, our objective is to promote functional physical activity and stability among all age groups. Exercises that help to build muscular strength and overall balance can also help in preventing an unwanted fall. Urban Poling is an activity that has something for all age groups and activity levels. Specifically, our ACTIVATORTMPoles are able to support up to 200lbs per pole which can be a useful tool to help provide stability and aid in fall prevention when walking. Not only can our ACTIVATORTMPoles be used while walking, but they can also aid in preforming various exercises and activities of daily living. Check our Webinar for more information about different age perspectives surrounding our ACTIVATORTM Poles.

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