Fall Prevention Month

November is home to a few special tags, one being Fall Prevention month. The idea of fall prevention is to coordinate efforts across partnered organizations and facilitate a stronger impact. According to an infographic published by the Government of Canada (2015), “Falls are the leading cause of injury among older Canadians with 20-30% seniors experiencing one or more falls each year.” In fact, they account for a whopping 85% of injury-related hospitalizations for seniors, 95% of hip fractures for all patients and over $2 billion in annual healthcare costs.

Urban Poling is one fitness activity that works for nearly everyone; people of all ages, stages, and fitness levels. Both Urban and Activator Poles can help prevent falls because they increase balance/stability and mobility; improve posture; minimize stress from the lower extremity joints; and improve both gait speed and strength.

As the population ages globally, it comes as no surprise that awareness for fall prevention and active living will need to be further emphasized in the coming time. Fortunately, there are ample activities one can do to offset their likelihood for sustaining falls. A very simple answer being walking with a pair of poles. As we’ve seen time and time again, the results are rather extraordinary. Join us in keeping both adults and children safe¾one urban poling step at a time.


Government of Canada (2015)


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