Diabetes Awareness Month

November is Diabetes Awareness month and staggeringly, 1 in 3 Canadians today has diabetes or pre-diabetes.[1] Moreover, diabetes is the leading cause of “blindness, amputation, heart disease, kidney failure and early death.”[2] However, simple strategies to combat or even manage diabetes can be taken.

Nordic Walking aka Urban Poling, for example, is an exceptional way in helping people manage their blood glucose levels. Every time you add in a pair of poles you naturally utilize more muscles since your upper body is actively working. The greater the number of muscles working translates to a greater level of glucose uptake, resulting in lower blood glucose levels. In fact, pole walking engages nearly 90% of your body’s muscles, truly giving you a full-body workout! Also, pole walking targets both aerobic and resistance training, which is ideal for any chronic disease and/or prevention management program.

A study conducted by Dr. Sigal and colleagues (2018) reported that both aerobic and resistance exercise are advantageous for people with diabetes and it’s recommended that people engage in both forms. Supervised exercise programs are also beneficial¾especially for those with type II diabetes. Exercise supports a number of health gains, including: stronger cardiorespiratory fitness, vigour and better glycemic control. These gains can be achieved even if you commit to small doses of activity. [3]

Despite being an overwhelming health concern, Urban Poling can certainly help you manage diabetic symptoms and even prevent diabetes from escalating to severe levels. Walking to better health is our mission and we welcome you¾whether you have diabetes or not¾to walk with us. Taking a step towards better health has never been easier.



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[2] https://worlddiabetesday.org

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