Active Living with Parkinson’s

Summarized by Dr. Agnes Coutinho MSc PhD

Health professionals are recommending the ACTIVATOR℗ Poles for Parkinson’s clients as research studies clearly show walking with poles is an effective, safe and enjoyable physical activity*. Physical activity, such as walking with poles, may improve motor skills, balance and gait quality, as well as supporting mental health. Clients with Parkinson’s and participants of Parkinson’s-specialized programs agree, and report that, using the ACTIVATOR℗ Poles promotes greater independence and improves quality of life. ACTIVATOR Poles have even helped our customers participate in Walk Events with Parkinson's associations.

Research Benefits:

Evidence based studies on Parkinson’s clearly identify poling, with the proper training, as a healthy mode of physical activity suited for improving quality of life. Walking poles offer proven health benefits which may include:

  • Increased balance & stability
  • Improved posture
  • Increased core strength
  • Increased walking tolerance
  • Increased independence in daily activities
  • Improved confidence
  • Decreased stress, anxiety and depression
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"Game Changer" according to Harry McMurtry who used ACTIVATOR Poles on his 500 Miles for Parkinson’s.

I was steered to use the Activators by my Parkinson’s physiotherapist and I am very pleased that she did. My gait has improved and I have reduced my time to complete my walks by some 30-50%, so now I am focusing on going greater distance. My therapist has remarked that I am no longer shuffling.

– Keith

I have noticed an unbelievable change in my Parkinson’s clients – their confidence increases as soon as they have the poles in their hands, they walk taller and straighter and it has been a great tool for gait retraining in terms of increasing their stride and walking tolerance. The best part is that they started smiling during our sessions!

Jessica Lewgood, Exercise Therapist