Active Living Webinar Series: Prehab & Rehab for Hip & Knee Surgery through the ACTIVATOR™ Program

Join us next week as we share our expertise on the benefits of the ACTIVATOR™ Poles and program for pre & post hip and knee surgery through this complimentary learning opportunity.

In the words of one of our valued customers Sandra Birdsell: “After my knee replacement, the poles give me confidence to go out in all kinds of weather. They kept me from being housebound. Compared to a cane, they gave me a workout, better balance and they took pressure off my painful knee.”

Learn how to improve core strengthening, posture, walking tolerance and normalize gait patterns for clients who are in rehab for pre/post hip & knee surgery.  Find out why Canadian hospitals and clinics are prescribing ACTIVATOR Poles instead of canes and to reduce the use of crutches & walkers (week 2 to 8 post surgery).  The ACTIVATOR poles & technique were designed by a therapist specifically for increasing stability and off-loading and can be used to improve motivation for exercises for both pre/post hip and knee surgery.  This 35 minute webinar includes: Research Review: 200+ studies on walking poles on PubMed, A new study on Nordic walking and hip OA, a researched technique to achieve greater off-loading & weight bearing and sample pre/post surgery exercises with poles.

Presenter:  Susan Yungblut, PT
Webinar includes a sneak peek at Golf: Up Your Game.
Tuesday, July 24
Time:  12:00 pm ET (45 minutes)

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