Active Living for Older Adults, Vets, Senior Living & Aged Care/SNF

Discover how to instill wellness and promote active living with a state of the art program from Canada.  Evidence-based ACTIVATOR℗ poles improve balance, posture, core strength and mobility for older adults. This webinar will review researched benefits, gait assessment lab results and demonstrate innovative seated/standing exercises suitable for individual/group programs for community rehab, Senior Living and Aged Care (SNF).   Guest Speaker:  Physiotherapist, Dr. Juliette Fritschi

Learn about the ACTIVATOR poles and technique which are the focus of 10 current studies.  These poles are prescribed for best practices as an effective option or in conjunction with other traditional passive devices such as canes, and walkers when appropriate. Promote active living with a tool designed by a therapist while improving outcomes for rehabilitation! 

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Date & Time:
April 24, 2020 at noon (AE) & April 23 at 7 pm (PST). Recording available with registration.
Mandy Shintani, Reg. OT(BC) & Gerontologist Guest Speaker, Dr. Juliette Fritshi (PhD)
Rehabilitation Professionals & Wellness Staff for Senior Living

Bio – Dr. Juliette Fritshi

Juliette graduated from the University of Queensland in 1985 with a degree in physiotherapy with  specialization in muscular-skeletal physiotherapy, health promotion and community health. Her particular areas of interest were manual therapy and physical activity for older adults with the focus of her PhD on using pole walking as a form of exercise for older adults and those with a chronic disease.  Her research focused on the functional and psycho-social benefits of pole walking programmes for older adults.  She has published three papers on this topic and has presented at several conferences both in Australia and overseas.  She is the owner of Pole Walking Australia.  


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