Active Living with Parkinson's

There are both motor and non-motor symptoms associated with Parkinson’s Disease. As it progresses, muscular rigidity, stiffness, and slow movements make it increasingly difficult to take normal steps and balance correctly when walking.

  • Tremor, mainly at rest and described as a pill-rolling tremor in hands.
  • Other forms of tremor are possible
  • Bradykinesia
  • Limb rigidity
  • Gait and balance problems

Parkinson’s patients should continuously seek professional help in the various areas of health to begin and continue their treatment. As well as helping to build a normal life within the parameters of the disease, regular physical activity can improve treatment.

Walking is a great benefit for individuals suffering from PD. Although this activity seems simple its habit can have a positive influence, especially in the fight against Parkinson’s. Evidence-based studies on Parkinson’s identify Nordic Walking AKA Urban Poling, with the proper training, as a healthy mode of physical activity suited for improving quality of life. Walking poles offer proven beneficial effects on general key health parameters, including:

  • Increased balance and stability
  • Improved posture
  • Increased core strength
  • Increased walking tolerance
  • Increased independence in daily activities
  • Increased confidence
  • Decreased stress anxiety and depression

Activator Parkinson's Wellness Webinar

Find out how ACTIVATOR® Poles address the Recommendations for Exercise as per the Parkinson’s Foundation (USA) Guidelines for Exercises. Using walking poles significantly improves balance and is an effective tool for aerobic, strengthening and stretching programs. Learn how to modify the poling technique to increase the intensity and promote larger movements to improve your client’s walking ability.

This webinar includes a demonstration of 10 seated and standing exercises for improving balance and increasing intensity with seated and standing exercises.


Harry McMurtry who has Parkinson’s, completed the highly acclaimed event 500 Miles for Parkinson’s from New York to Toronto by walking 15 miles per day.  Early in his journey, Harry started using the ACTIVATOR® Poles which he called a Game Changer.

Larry Gifford

These ACTIVATOR® poles should be called confidence Poles. I love them, they give me a sense of balance and security. I have the confidence to go to an airport, go for a hike, or a long walk with my family. I can say YES! 

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