Activator Gait Assessment​

Activator Gait Assessment​

Activator Gait Assessment

Walking without Poles

Walking with ACTIVATOR℗ Poles

Lab gait assessment results (without poles)

  • Speed 43.5 cm/s
  • Short step lengths (26.6 cm for left and 29.0 for right)
  • Stride width 26.8 cm
  • Gait variability – GVI of 136.1
  • Cadence – 93 steps/m

Lab gait assessment results (with ACTIVATOR poles)

  • Speed 59.8 cm/s (increased 37%)
  • Step lengths: 43.4 cm for left and 29.0 for right (decreased 62%)
  • Stride width 24.8 cm (decreased) 
  • Gait variability – GVI of 117.7 (improved)
  • Cadence – 79 steps/m (decreased 15%)

Past Medical History​

88 year old female from an independent living home (IL). 

  • 2 Shoulder Replacements
  • 2 Hip Replacements
  • 2 Knee Replacements
  • Neck Fusion – C1 & C2
  • Ankle – past soft tissue injury


The use of ACTIVATOR℗ Poles was found to help to improve gait speed by increasing the step length and also contributed to a better control of the dynamic balance while reducing variability.

Summary of comparison of walking with ACTIVATOR℗ Poles vs. walking without poles:

– Significant increase in walking speed
– Significant increase in step length
– Stride width decreased
– Improvement in gait variability
– Cadence decreased

Gait assessment performed  at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, Canada on the Zeno Walkway with the ProtoKinetics Movement Analysis Software

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