ACTIVATOR Rehab for Traumatic Spinal Injuries

Summarized by Dr. Agnes Coutinho PhD

Research Benefits:

Evidence-based studies clearly identify poling as a healthy mode of physical activity suitable for rehabilitation and proven beneficial effects on key health parameters may include;

  • improved posture, balance & stability
  • increased walking tolerance
  • improved strength
  • increased confidence

ACTIVATOR℗ Poles compared to (or in conjunction) to canes & to reduce/delay the use of walkers*:

  • promotes a upright posture
  • promotes a functional gait pattern
  • engages core muscles
  • promotes perception of ability over disability

Robert MacDonald who had a T-10 to 12 dislocation and was given a 5% chance that he would walk again. This video shows gait retraining with ACTIVATOR℗ Poles (instead of using a walker with 2 wheels) with 2 physiotherapists from the renowned Toronto Rehab Institute.

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Robert MacDonald, References:

Robert MacDonald has made a remarkable recovery and in this photo is running in a marathon.

The ACTIVATOR poles allowed me to get up and moving, but also allowed me to feel secure. I believe using the poles instead of a cane or walker allowed me to continue to recover and have the mindset of focusing on progress while staying mobile. In short, they make full recovery and mobility possible!
Rob McDonald

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