Vestibular Disorder Course

Vestibular Disorder Course

Virtual LIVE Course | recording available with registration!

CEU Approved:  4 CEUs with PT State Boards, FAI & ACSM

Learn about a highly effective and fun tool for improving mobility and
25 dynamic seated and standing exercises with poles to improve balance, posture and promote larger movements while inspiring your client to love exercising! 

 The innovative, evidence-based ACTIVATOR® Poles and techniques were designed by an occupational therapist & gerontologist to facilitate an easier transition to an active lifestyle following a vestibular diagnosis.

Date: June 23, 2022 – 12 to 4 pm (EDT) – reg $399.99 – Early Bird $349.99 until Jun 9th

Discover how to be instrumental in facilitating your client’s goals to become more confident, independent and active within their community!  

Game changer is a common term from people with a vestibular disorder describing this program.  The evidence-based ACTIVATOR Poles are prescribed as best practice in Canada and abroad for neuro-rehab.  

Learn how to use this unique patented design to achieve maximum benefit from the ACTIVATOR Technique for balance and ACTIVATOR PUSH Technique for enhancing movements with seated/standing exercises. Your clients will love this revolutionary program!   

Guest Speaker

Mandy Shintani
OT & Gerontologist

Joy A Cochran
Doctor of Physical Therapy


Audience:  physical therapists, occupational therapists, PTAs, OTAs, ATS


Intro, Research Review, ACTIVATOR® Technique for Balance, Using poles as an effective option to canes, Contraindications and Urban Poling/Nordic walking Technique for higher level clients


  • Perspectives from people with a vestibular disorder
  • ACTIVATOR Push Technique for exercises to improve balance, posture & enhanced movement 
  • Guidelines for Group Exercise Programs
  • 25 Dynamic Seated, Standing & Balance Exercises
Profile image of Urban Poling's founder Mandy Shintani.

Mandy Shintani
OT & Gerontologist

Mandy Shintani is an international conference speaker on the using of walking poles for rehabilitation and wellness programs.  

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