Urban Poling Instructor Certificate Course – Chapter 5

The ACTIVATOR Poling Technique: How to Do It & How to Teach It

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Metric:  Weight-bearing  is 200 lbs/90 kg per pole, maximum suggested user weight is 250 lbs/113 kg.  Poles collapses to 31 inches/78 cm

Update:  New – ACTIVATOR2 Poles designed for taller clients up to 6 ft 4 inches (193 cm) and collapse down to 25 inches (63 cm).  Maximum suggested user weight is 325 lbs/147 kg.



Read the following manual chapters – ACTIVATOR Rehab Poles & The ACTIVATOR Walking Technique

Winter Poling

When walking on snow covered surfaces, remove the rubber tips to expose the carbide tip which will provide better traction.  Add snow baskets to prevent the poles from sinking deep into the snow.
– Mandy Shintani, OT


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