Urban Poling Instructor Certification Course Quiz


Ethnical & Safe Professional Guidelines – Read and Agree to Before Starting this Course

It is imperative that each person works within their own professional scope of practice as set by the guidelines determined by your college, association or regulatory body. If you are uncertain about your ability to work with a client given their physical, cognitive or psychological limitations, contact your association or college to discuss how you should proceed or refer this client to a physical therapist or physician to assess. As well, make sure you are aware of the contraindications for group programs and independent use of the poles. Abiding by these guidelines will ensure each person receives safe and ethical services.

I hereby understand and agree that this course is limited to the instructional use for Urban Poling walking poles, which may be used in my current professional practice and does not give me any additional professional certification outside of any current professional designation that I hold.


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I hereby agree to the above statements regarding the following copyrighted materials of Urban Poling Inc.


Core Fitness

Our strapless ergonomic handle was designed to develop “core fitness” as you walk. Pressing the outside edges of your hands against the wide base of the handle engages your core muscles and creates resistance that propels you forward.
– Mandy Shintani, OT

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