UP Your Game- Golf Program with Urban Poles

Do you or your clients love a good game of golf ? Then you would probably want to ensure you can keep UP with the demands of the game.

Learn how to UP your Game with our new Urban Poling for Golf Performance module. Designed by Registered Kinesiologist Gabriella De Nino, the course will walk you through the basics of Urban Poling and the research supporting Nordic Walking for reducing the risk of golf related injuries as well as increasing your strength and endurance. This course will also present 10 exercises using Urban Poles to “UP your Game” that you can personally integrate in your own regiment or add to a clients on or offseason program.
Cost: $19.99
Course Length/Style:
1.5 Hours (Online Module)

  • Golf Related Injuries
  • Introduction to Urban Poling
  • Research on Nordic Walking for Golf Related Injuries
  • Benefits of Aerobic Exercise on Golf Performance
  • Top 10 Resistance Exercises to UP Your Game + Warms ups and Cool Down !
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Maintaining Proper Posture

Poles assist in maintaining proper posture but at times you may find yourself leaning forward.  Remember to keep your spine erect, tummy tucked in, eyes forward, chin tucked and shoulders relaxed. And just one more thing to remember, have fun with it!
Barb Gormley, Director of Education

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