Review: ACTIVATOR® Poles For Knee Surgery

The ACTIVATOR® poles and program have been instrumental in preparing clients for hip and knee surgery and also in their recovery and rehabilitation. Evidence supports reduced impact on knee & hip joints, improved pain management, higher exercise tolerance, improved posture, balance & stability, healthy weight management, and increased gait speed. hospitals and clinics in Canada, UK, and Australia are prescribing ACTIVATOR® Poles as an effective alternative to canes and to reduce the use of crutches & walkers (week 2 to 8 post-surgery). The patented ACTIVATOR poles & technique were designed by a therapist specifically for increasing stability and off-loading and are also used for exercises for both pre/post hip and knee surgery rehab. Hear from one of our clients who used our ACTIVATOR® poles following a total knee replacement.


“I like that they adjust by locking into a hole, so you don’t need to worry about them slipping down if you put a lot of pressure on them. So far, I’ve used them just for walking, but I imagine they will be handy perhaps while exercising after I get a total knee replacement. I also like the handle design, which works fine without a strap around your wrist.”

– Patski

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