PWR Special Urban Poling

PWR Special Urban Poling

Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery (PWR!) and Urban Poling: A Balance Driven Duo

Improve Your Client’s Balance, Posture and Confidence to Improve 

Mobility and Perform PWR! Exercises   

PWR! Instructors & Therapists will receive 60% off our Training Package! 

Urban Poling welcomes you to join our ever-growing team of instructors.
Urban Poling Inc. has proudly trained over 5,500 instructors and therapists internationally.   

Inspire your clients with active living and rehab with evidence-based ACTIVATOR℗ Poles, prescribed as best practices for Parkinson’s rehabilitation in Canada and internationally.  Learn how to implement the dynamic ACTIVATOR Program to improve outcomes for balance, core strength, promote an upright posture for seated and standing exercises.  Normalize your client’s gait pattern to prevent shuffling  which increases the risk for falls.  Clients are excited about both the benefits and option of using ACTIVATOR poles instead of canes and as a tool to delay or reduce the use of walkers.  Participants will learn the higher intensity Urban Poling/Nordic walking technique suitable for the early stages of Parkinson’s and the Activator technique for improved balance and stability.  ACTIVATOR poles have been successfully implemented in individual, group as well as telehealth sessions! 
CCU approved by ProCert with Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy – USA

There’s no better time to become an Urban Poling Certificate Instructor and introduce this exiting new activity to your Parkinson’s community, now that exercising and walking outdoors is the preferred activities recommended during the pandemic. Learn how to turn walking into a higher intensity activity that also improves balance, core strength and posture for those in the early stages of Parkinson’s.   Find out how to use our evidence- based ACTIVATOR poles to increase balance and confidence to perform PWR! exercises.  This is a comprehensive course that teaches both the Urban Poling/Nordic walking technique for early stages of PD and the ACTIVATOR technique for balance for advanced stages.  You will be provided with all the materials, tools and support needed to provide one-on-one sessions and virtual sessions as well as  indoor and outdoor group classes. 
CCU approved by ACE, ACSM and FAI in USA and 9 fitness association in Canada. 



Mandy Shintani 
OT & gerontologist 

Barb Gormley
Personal trainer

PWR! Therapists and Instructors receive special pricing on ACTIVATOR or Urban Poles 

(20 to 40% off retail pricing).  

PWR! strives to help Parkinson’s clients reach their full potential through their education programs and with the support from partners like Urban Poling. The Urban Poling  platform compliments the work of PWR! and is backed by evidence-based research demonstrating that walking with specialized poles improves outcomes for patients with Parkinson’s.

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