Retirement Living Programs


Urban Poling has programs to enhance walking/exercise programs and our unique ACTIVATOR™ program is an ideal activity for less active seniors. Our programs include wholesale pricing on pole packages as well as training to health care professionals through to volunteer recreation coordinators. Contact us to customizing a program to meet your needs and the needs of your community.

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Active Seniors

Offer your residents the best!  Join the countless communities across the country that have adopted the Urban Poling program.  Urban Poling programs will offer your residents a novel option for staying active by promoting improved mobility, flexibility as well as core muscle strengthening.  Organized Urban Poling classes offer residents an additional opportunity to connect with their peers enhancing their social wellbeing. Research supports that walking with poles has been proven to improve mood and quality of life. (Tschentscher et al, 2013)  Contact us to more about how Urban Poling programs can enhance your current recreation and rehabilitation programs.

ACTIVATOR™ Fall Prevention

The ACTIVATOR™ program is like none other of its’ kind!  Designed by an occupational therapist to accommodate individual and groups in supporting balance, posture and gait but to also offer options around seated and standing exercises.  Contact us to learn more about our training for ACTIVATOR & Fall Prevention.

Wholesale Pricing

Wholesale pricing available on pole orders (10+ pairs).

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Maintaining Proper Posture

Poles assist in maintaining proper posture but at times you may find yourself leaning forward.  Remember to keep your spine erect, tummy tucked in, eyes forward, chin tucked and shoulders relaxed. And just one more thing to remember, have fun with it!
Barb Gormley, Director of Education

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