The Urban Poling Ultimate Guide (e-book)

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by Barb Gormley

This engaging 67-page guide is packed full of information for beginner, intermediate and advanced Nordic walkers. Topics include: how to set up your poles; proper Nordic walking technique; technique troubleshooting; what to wear; the top 20 FAQs; how to pick up the pace; train for a 5K; motivational stories from newbie and experienced Nordic walkers, and much more. Fitness expert, Urban Poling director of education and professional writer Barb Gormley offers loads of tips, tricks and resources to help make your Nordic walking experiences fun and effective. (soft cover, black & white)

Also available in an e-book format.

This book is not intended for ACTIVATOR Pole users (i.e. balance and rehab use).

Specs for The Urban Poling Ultimate Guide (e-book)

Spec Name Spec Value
format soft cover
pages 67
colour black and white with colour cover

  • Loved the FAQ article, especially the question that described the difference between hiking poles and Nordic walking poles and hiking and Nordic walking.

    Sue, Washago, Ont.

    - Sue

  • This book is a fantastic resource. So easy to understand, lots of inspirational stories and great photos!

    Sue, Duncan, B.C.

    - Sue

  • I pick it up often. It’s full of good tips to help me improve my technique.

    - Sally

  • Love the book! Nice balance of useful info and personal stories. Well done!

    - Lynn

  • The book is awesome! Love the easy to read format, all the tips, fixes, 7 Things Every New Nordic Walker Should Know, the easy to do fitness test on pg 20 and the inspirational

    - Lori

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