Personal Best Training Program

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Price: $122.93* with FREE 5/10km Training course

Research has shown that fitness programs that have an end goal are the most successful. Whether you already have an event in mind or are looking to make a 5K or 10K the light at the end of your overall fitness plan, this package is you. It includes free online training with Urban Poling instructor and Vancouver Sun Run Trainer, Trish Hunt, who will take your performance to the next level! Learn more about events we’re participating in and how you can join us!

Package includes:
• 1 pair of poles of your choice*
• 1 pair of replacement tips
• Urban Poling Journal
• 5K/10K Training course FREE

* Spirit Poles add $10, Adventure Series add $20

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Keep your poles more upright and in front of you. Lean forward slightly, and use the poles to help push you up the hill. If necessary, bend your elbows, but remember to transition back to the straight arm technique at the top of the hill
Barb Gormley, Director of Education

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