FOR INSTRUCTORS | Ultimate Guide to Nordic Walking eBook

FOR INSTRUCTORS | Ultimate Guide to Nordic Walking eBook


This engaging 74-page guide is packed full of information for beginner, intermediate and advanced Nordic walkers–and for Nordic walking instructors too!

Topics include: how to set up your poles; proper Nordic walking technique; technique troubleshooting (for example, solving slipping and bouncing boot tips); must-do stretches for Nordic walkers; rookie mistakes and how to avoid them; what to wear; the top 20 Nordic walking FAQs; how to pick up the pace; how to train for a 5K event; step-by-step instructions for using the ACTIVATOR Poles (for people with balance issues); ACTIVATOR seated and standing exercises; motivational stories from new and experienced Nordic walkers; Nordic walking to fight depression, arthritis and other chronic conditions; adventure travel with your poles; and much more.

Fitness expert, Urban Poling Inc. Director of Education, and professional writer Barb Gormley offers get-started and keep-going information along with tips, tricks and resources to help make your Nordic walking experiences effective and fun. Loads of beautiful photographs help to speed learning and make reading more pleasurable. 

Barb Gormley (www.barbgormley) is the owner of CustomFit Personal Training in Toronto, Canada, Director of Education for Urban Poling Inc., and a professional writer. She has written for Chatelaine, The Toronto Star, Diabetes Dialogue and the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, and is the senior editor at Fitness Business Canada. She is also the author of “The Urban Poling Ultimate Guide to Nordic Walking.” She loves introducing people of all ages and fitness abilities to the fabulous Nordic walking workout through her weekly group classes, private classes, quick-start clinics, and special presentations.


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