ACTIVATOR² for users up to 6’4″

ACTIVATOR² for users up to 6’4″


Adjustable for users heights up to 6’4″ (193 cm) and up to 320 lbs (145 kg)


Recommended by leading surgeons, physicians and therapists, our evidence-based ACTIVATOR² Poles were designed by an occupational therapist & gerontologist specifically for rehab and long-term conditions. Our unique patented CoreGrip was designed specifically to improve strengthening, stability and off-loading with your safety in mind.  ACTIVATOR² Poles are utilized extensively with pre/post hip/ knee surgery, Parkinson’s, stroke, MS, pain management, soft tissue injuries, cancer rehab, spinal conditions and older adults.*  There are currently 9 independent studies on the ACTIVATOR Poles at hospitals and universities including the renowned Royal National Orthopedic Hospital in London, UK.

New ACTIVATOR² Poles are were designed for taller clients and those up to 320 lbs (145 kg), while collapsing shorter for travel.

  • Patented ergonomic Coregrip designed for core strengthening while reducing strain on wrist
  • Bell shaped tip for stability
  • Wide ledge instead of a strap to minimize the risk of injuries
  • Anti-vibration features to minimize stress on joints
  • Adjustable for users heights up to 6’4″ (193 cm)
  • Trekking baskets
  • 3-sectional and collapsible for travel – 20% shorter than 2 sectional poles to 25” (63 cm) vs 29″ (73 cm)
  • Flip and button lock – 225 lbs (102 kg) of weight-bearing capacity per pole
  •  User guide and online video instruction on ACTIVATOR technique


Product Liability Disclaimer

*If you are currently using a device for walking or one has been recommended for you, consult your physician or therapist prior to using the ACTIVATOR² Poles. 


UPC – 894577001115
Colour – dark grey with cyan graphic design
Quantity – 1 pair
Size – adjustable length walker’s height: 128 cm to 193 cm (4'2" to 6'4")
Max weight of User – 320 lbs (193 kg)
Weight bearing per pole – 225 lb (102 kg)
Collapsed length – 64 cm (25")
Pole sections – 3
Weight (pair) – .655 kg (1.44 lbs)
Material – high-grade aluminum
Locking system – secure button locking system & flip lock
Grip – Patent CoreGrip – ergonomic comfort, strapless, rubber
Carbide metal tip – for trail, beach and snow
Bell tips (removable) – High quality 55 durometer rubber
Anti-vibration features – handle grip, ferrule and rubber tips
Velcro strap – secures poles together for storage
Instruction user guide and online video instruction


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