Our Partners

Not unlike anything else in life, we know that in order to make our mission come to life and to help Canadians become healthier versions of themselves no matter what age and stage they are at in life requires partnership. Our partners come in a variety of shapes and sizes – all equally important and all vital relationships that we as a team value so much.

Aside from the amazing partners listed below we want to high-light the instructors, community centers, hospitals, clinics, schools and retailers across the country that we work with on a daily basis to help educate and provide options to more and more Canadians on the many benefits of Urban Poling.

Blue Circle Program

Cardiac Health Foundation

National Aboriginal Diabetes Association

Exercise Is Medicine Canada

Vancouver Sun Run

Maintaining Proper Posture

Poles assist in maintaining proper posture but at times you may find yourself leaning forward.  Remember to keep your spine erect, tummy tucked in, eyes forward, chin tucked and shoulders relaxed. And just one more thing to remember, have fun with it!
Barb Gormley, Director of Education

Tips from the Best