Wendi Paterson Inspiration Award-March

March 6, 2019 | By

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This month we would like to feature two extraordinary people who not only embody Wendi’s passion for Nordic Walking but they have personally used this passion to persevere through personal hurdles.

Dr. Sarah Lord is this months Wendi Paterson Inspiration award in the fitness category! Sarah is a Health and Wellness Coordinator at Jean Coutu Pharmacy in Riverview, NB.
Sarah has a Ph.D in experimental surgery. Sarah is also a member of the outdoor enthusiasts and is a firm believer in “taking a hike” as she used the physical activity and the outdoors through her grief recovery.  You can listen to her truly moving story in the following webinar. She recently launched a facebook group titled “SpeakUP with Sarah Lord” in which topics discussed include Winning with Anxiety, health and wellness, Single Parents, Stepparenting and much more!

In 2019 Sarah launched “Maritime Detours” which is her own adventure tourism company. With this, Sarah runs Urban Poling/Nordic Walking, hiking and snowshoeing tours of the Maritimes! Recently, she started hosting a free group “Women of Wilderness aka WOW” which is a group for women interested in outdoor adventure! They have an upcoming camping trip this month!

Overall, Sarah is up to great things with not sign in sight of slowing down anytime soon!

Dr. Jack Taunton is this months award recipient for the rehab category. Jack was a former international marathon runner whom completed 62 Marathons spanning over 120,000 miles. Jack was also the Chief Medical Officer for the 2010 Olympics and Paralympic games as well as for Canada at the Sydney Olympics. However, due to Congenital Spinal Stenosis, Jack has undergone 7 major spinal surgeries some of which including spinal fusions. During his recovery, Jack was put into a body brace resulting in loss of control of his right leg. Jack is a firm believer in the ACTIVATOR™ Poles which have now allowed him to walk 3-4 hours a day, improved balance especially in that right ankle and foot as well as improved both upper and lower body strength. Jack continuously advocates for the benefits of Nordic Walking with everyone he interacts with and goes on to say “They support me and allow me to do power walking despite a significant disability”! Check out his feature in the following article, or hear his story right here

Sarah and Jack, thank you for all that you do ! Keep up the great work and Congratulations for being this month’s Wendi Paterson Inspiration Award Recipients !

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