New Secret to Exercise Success: Get Outside and Add Nordic Walking

April 21, 2015 | By Nadia

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Struggling to stick with a regular walking routine? A new study from University of Sherbrooke, in Sherbrooke, Quebec, shows that taking your walking workout outdoors can help you stay on track. And while you’re at it, add Nordic walking poles to bump up the health benefits, say several additional studies.

This is the same message you’ll hear at the “Urban Poling and Cardiac Rehabilitation” presentation on April 30, 6:30-8:30pm at the Andrea Ristorante, 3194 Boul. St-Joseph, Lachine, Quebec.

The event is presented by the West Island Cardiac Wellness Program. The guest speakers are Dr. Mladen Palaic (chief of cardiology at Lakeshore General Hospital, Pointe-Claire, Que.), Dr. Agnes Coutinho, (PhD endocrinology and director of health promotion for Urban Poling Inc.) and Marianne Lacharite-Lemieux (MSc Physical Activity Sciences).

Outdoor exercisers enjoy their workouts significantly more than those who sweat it out indoors, says the University of Sherbrooke study’s co-author Marianne Lacharité-Lemieux. “Our research shows that trees, sky, water and the sounds of nature all create a more-positive exercise environment, and when people enjoy an exercise experience this leads to exercising more regularly.”

Europeans have long understood the benefits of Nordic walking, and there is at least 15 years of positive research supporting the cross-country-ski-like activity, says Dr. Coutinho “Studies show that, compared to walking without poles, Nordic walking speeds up weight loss, lowers blood pressure, improves blood cholesterol levels and increases exercise capacity.” She stresses that practising proper technique is key to reaping the full rewards.

Tickets for the event are $45 and include dinner, a $25 charitable tax receipt and the opportunity to purchase a pair of Urban Poling Nordic walking poles for $69.99 (retail value $99.99). To RSVP, contact Agnes Cartier at 514-799-6104 or

About Urban Poling Inc.

Vancouver-based Urban Poling Inc. distributes and designs five styles of high performance Nordic walking poles, all with ergonomic and easy-to-manage strapless handles. It is the largest Nordic walking pole distributor in Canada and offers the only Nordic walking instructor training program recognized by Canada’s nine largest fitness and health organizations. It sells its products through retailers and online and has certified 2,500+ instructors. For more information, visit

About The West Island Cardiac Wellness Program

The non-profit Montreal-based West Island Cardiac Wellness Program Inc. offers a customized cardiac rehabilitation program that combines exercise, education, support and encouragement for people with coronary heart disease. For more information, contact or 514-799-6104.

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