▼ Why is Urban Poling the only company in Canada that distributes poles with an ergonomic strapless handle?

Our ergonomic handle was carefully designed to most effectively exercise all the body’s major muscles and develop “core fitness” as you are poling! The grip and technique have a focus on core muscles strengthening. The ergonomic design allows the user to apply a downward pressure on the wide base with their hand and wrist supported in a neutral position which places less stress on joints.

The strapless handle system was also designed to reduce injuries.  A study conducted on the generic Nordic walking poles suggests that this is a very safe form of exercise.  However, the most common injury happens when people are strapped into their poles (Source: “Nordic pole walking injuries” K. Knobloch Sept 20, 2006. – U.S. National Library of Medicine).  Nordic Walking Injuries _Translated Research Study_

▼ What if my poles get stuck and I can’t collapse or lengthen them?

The Urban Poles were designed with an excellent locking system but new poles may be tight to unlock initially.

Here are three simple solutions:

Before you get started,  please remember to not touch the black plastic where the pole sections connect. Secondly, do not use a wrench or pliers on the poles as it will damage the locking mechanism and void the warranty.

  1. Turn the pole upside down, and anchor the handle tightly between your feet. Then, check the lock/unlock arrows near the tip of  the pole. Using two hands (on the section of the poles with the tip), turn sharply in the direction of unlock.
  2. Keeping the pole parallel to the ground, give the handle end to a friend. Ask them to hold tightly with two hands as you check the lock/unlock arrows on the pole. Then, using two hands on the bottom section of the poles, turn sharply in the direction of unlock.
  3. It may also be helpful to wear rubber gloves or use a non slip material sheet to obtain a better grip.

▼ How do I use them properly to get the maximum benefits?

To obtain the maximum benefits, make sure you are doing the proper technique.  Watch the video and read the User’s Guide found Urban Poling Training or ACTIVATOR training.  Alternatively, you can take a private lesson or series of classes with a certified Urban Poling instructor, click on Find A Class

▼ Do the poles adjust in length?

Yes, the Urban poles adjust for people who are 4’2″ to 6’2″.  The ACTIVATOR poles adjust for people who are 3’10” to 6’1″. New – ACTIVATOR2 Poles adjust for people who are up to 6’4″.

▼ What is the function of the boot tips and how often should I replace them?

The boot tips have three functions:

  1. They flex on contact with the ground for a softer feel and absorb shock and vibrations reducing stress to your joints.
  2. The tread provides better contact and creates resistance as you apply force to the poles.
  3. The tips help propel you forward faster to achieve a better workout. Urban Poling boot tips are made from high grade rubber.
    They should be replaced when the tread wears down or approximately every 6 months to one year with regular use (2-3 times per week).

▼ Can I use my Urban & ACTIVATOR poles in for hiking, travel and in the winter?

Yes, our Urban & ACTIVATOR poles can be used all year round and can also be used for winter walking, snowshoeing, hiking and travel.   Take off the rubber tips and use the carbide steel tips for additional traction and stability on slippery terrain.  You can also add an snow basket to any of our poles for walking in deep snow.  The Spirit Poles comes with a snow basket while the Adventures poles come with trekking baskets and snow baskets.

▼ How do I adjust the height of the Adventure 3-sectional poles?


With the 3-section Adventure Series poles, there are 2 locking systems that need to be adjusted to ensure your poles are the right height for you.

Step 1: Follow the instructions above for adjusting the lower section of your poles.

Step 2: Complete the same process for the mid-section of the poles. Both pole sections should be adjusted to the same height marker to correspond with the height of the user. Always make sure your poles are securely locked before use.

*Always make sure you have secured both locking system before use.


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