ACTIVATOR Rehab for the Spine

Evidence-based studies clearly identify poling as a healthy mode of physical activity suitable for rehabilitation and proven beneficial effects on key health parameters may include;

  • improved posture, balance & stability
  • increased walking tolerance
  • improved strength
  • increased confidence

ACTIVATOR Poles compared to (or in conjunction) to canes & to reduce/delay the use of walkers*:

  • promotes a upright posture
  • promotes a functional gait pattern
  • engages core muscles
  • promotes perception of ability over disability

* If you use a device for walking or have been recommended one, contact your rehabilitaton professional prior to using the ACTIVATOR Poles

For the past 5 years I have consistently recommended the Activator poles for patients in my surgical practice. They have been especially helpful for spinal stenosis patients who have undergone surgical decompression and extension osteotomy patients who have had surgery for positive sagittal balance. They have been instrumental in promoting an upright posture and a functional walking pattern compared to canes and walkers. In my opinion they facilitate rehabilitation and return patients to optimal function faster.

Charles G. Fisher MD MHSc FRCSC
Surgery of the Spine

Rosie Sears, PT – Spinal Stenosis20150419_162000

Read Rosie’s inspiration story on our blog about how she lost 60lbs in preparation for spinal stenosis surgery.

“Without my ACTIVATOR poles, this story would be very different,”she says. “I can honestly say that poling has changed my life.”


Robert MacDonald –T10-12 Dislocation

Robert MacDonald






The ACTIVATOR allowed me to get up and moving, but also allowed me to feel secure.  I believe using the poles instead of a cane or walker allowed me to continue to recover and have the mindset of focusing on progress while staying mobile. In short, they make full recovery and mobility possible!

Visit Robert’s Facebook page to see a video of him using the ACTIVATOR poles.


ACTIVATOR™ poles offer these unique features:

  • ergonomic CoreGrip
  • greater weight bearing capacity
  • bell-shaped tips for stability
  • adjustable in length
  • strapless to reduce the risk of injury
  • anti-vibration features



Maintaining Proper Posture

Poles assist in maintaining proper posture but at times you may find yourself leaning forward.  Remember to keep your spine erect, tummy tucked in, eyes forward, chin tucked and shoulders relaxed. And just one more thing to remember, have fun with it!
Barb Gormley, Director of Education

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