Live Activator Course for Parkinson’s

Live Activator Course for Parkinson’s

*Recording available with registration.

Host of When Life Gives You Parkinson’s & the Michael J Fox Foundation Podcasts.

These ACTIVATOR® poles should be called Confidence Poles. I love them, they give me a sense of balance and security. I have the confidence to go into an airport, go for hike, or a longer walk with my family. I can say YES!”

Larry Gifford

Discover how to be instrumental in helping your clients achieve high priority goals including greater independence and active community participation with friends and family as well as increased confidence levels for walking with our ACTIVATOR Poles!

Prescribed as best practices for neuro rehabilitation in Canada and abroad, ACTIVATOR Poles improve all aspects of gait including: stride, posture, speed and arm swing (see video below).   Patented ACTIVATOR Poles are recognized as an effective option to canes to delay or reduce the use of walkers (under the direction of a physical therapist). 

PLUS – Learn tons of new and dynamic seated and standing exercises to improve balance,
range of movement while inspiring your client to love exercising!   
Mandy Shintani 
Guest Speaker
Dr. Sunhan Anderson 
Guest Speaker
Wendy Wilkerson
– Mandy Shintani, reg. occupational therapist & gerontologist (CAN)
Developer of the evidence-based and patented ACTIVATOR® poles and program
Guest Speakers:
– Dr. Sunhan Anderson, Neurological & – Orthopedic Physical Therapist.
– Wendy Wilkerson,  M.S., Founder of Rock Steady Boxing Virginia Beach, LLC dba Empowerment! Wellness.

Course Agenda

Instructor Course – 12 to 2 pm  EST 
Audience:  fitness instructors

UP Instructor Course

  • Pre-Conference Virtual Warm UP – Barb Gormley
    Instructor Course for Fitness Professionals – Mandy Shintani & Diana Oliver
  • Agenda:  Intro, Benefits (fitness related), Urban Poling Technique, Assessment, Contraindications, Activator Technique.

Activator Course for Rehab Professionals – 4 to 6 pm EST 
Audience:  physical therapists, occupational therapists, PTAs, OTAs, ATs

UP Activator Course
Presented by: Mandy Shintani, OT & Gerontologist

Agenda:  Intro, Research, ACTIVATOR Technique, Assessment, Contraindications,  Urban Poling Technique 


Parkinson’s Session – 2 to 4 pm EST  (for both Instructors & Therapists).   

  • Welcome & Agenda – Diana Oliver & Mandy Shintani
  • Perspectives from patients with Parkinson’s
  • Guidelines for Group Exercise Programs
  • Seated, Standing & Gait Exercises – Sunhan Anderson, physical therapist
  • More Exercise Ideas with poles & other devices – Wendy Wilkerson

Instructor course & PD Session:  4 ACE, 4 ACSM, 4 FAI 
ACTIVATOR course & PD Session:  4 Procert with FSBPA, 4 ACSM


Mandy Shintani 
reg OT (BC) & gerontologist
Vancouver, BC Canada

Mandy Shintani is an occupational therapist with more than 30 years of experience as well as being a gerontologist and international conference speaker on Nordic walking/urban poling for rehabilitation and fitness.  Fifteen years ago, she applied her skills as an occupational therapist to develop the Activator Poles (patented) and technique specifically for rehabilitation, which are evidence-based and the focus of 15 current studies.  Research on the Activator poles has been presented at international conferences and poster presentations including; International Stroke Congress, Canadian & UK National Physical Therapy Association Conference, International 200 years of Parkinson’s Disease in Australia, ACPIN Neuro conference (UK), the National Fall Prevention conference (Canada) and the Western USA occupational therapist conference.

 More than 5,500 therapists and wellness professionals in Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland and most recently in the USA have completed her courses developed for fitness and rehabilitation.  Mandy has been featured on numerous occasions in the national media and was a finalist in the prestigious YWCA Women of Distinction Award for Innovation & Entrepreneurship.


Guest Speaker:

Sunhan Anderson
DPT BSc, ON Canada

Sunhan completed her doctorate degree in Physical Therapy in 2006 at the University of Minnesota. She is certified in: the LSVT BIG, PWR! Moves, and Rock Steady Boxing program.  Sunhan is currently working towards a diploma in Advanced Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy. 

Sunhan enjoys the challenges of working with clients with multiple conditions, with her main focus being the rehabilitation of patients with neurological diagnoses like Parkinson’s, Stroke, and Multiple Sclerosis (MS). 

Also highly experienced in treating orthopaedic conditions, Sunhan works with a variety of clients whose conditions include  sports injuries, strains/sprains, arthritis, and post-operative rehabilitation.  In addition to helping individual clients, Sunhan also leads weekly group exercise classes for people with Parkinson’s.

Sunhan strives to promote an active lifestyle and helps clients return to activities that bring joy in their lives by providing evidence-based treatment.

Guest Speaker:

Wendy Wilkerson

Wendy has over 14 years experience in the health and wellness field including, cardiac rehabilitation, orthopedic and neurological physical therapy.

She is a member of the MedFit network, a professional membership organization for fitness and allied professionals.

Received both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Exercise Science and Wellness from Old Dominion University. Founder of Rock Steady Boxing Virginia Beach, LLC dba Empowerment! Wellness

Specialty certifications include:

  • Rock Steady Boxing Coach
  • PWR! Certified Instructor
  • Urban Poling Instructor
  • Let’s Face It Together Instructor
  • Multiple Sclerosis Fitness Specialist

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