Instructor Virtual Conference Speakers

Instructor Virtual Conference Speakers

Nina Camacho 

Nina Camacho is personal trainer specializing in Anti-Aging techniques in sunny Honolulu.  As a Functional Aging Specialist and Urban Poling Master Trainer, her certifications in Balance, Brain Health, Parkinson’s, Cancer Exercise and others round out her coaching arsenal to focus on fitness programs that help you and the 50+ tribe find greater enhancement in performance and human function. Her tools and methods will definitely help achieve goals to help you MOVE BETTER, which will help you MOVE MORE, which will help you FEEL BETTER.

Gabriella De Nino 
Kin (CAN)

Gabriella is a Registered Kinesiologist and Certified Personal Trainer in Toronto, Ontario. She is an advocate for “Exercise is Medicine”. Gabriella has presented on the many benefits of Urban Poling at conferences/webinars on the role of Nordic Walking poles for “Getting Active at Every Age and Stage” Sport for Life Summit, Functional aging institute.  Gabriella works at Humber River Hospital in the Bariatric Clinic where she educates on the benefits of Exercise for living a healthy active lifestyle. Gabriella has integrated urban poles for senior fitness programs as well as developed courses around Nordic walking for Golf and Dragon Boating self-management rehabilitation 

Penny Fahey
BSc (OT), MA (Gero) (USA)

Hello! I am Penny Fahey, owner of Nordic Nature Walking. I discovered  urban poling aka Nordic walking, 5 years ago and enjoyed it so much that I decided to become an instructor and share it with others. I offer urban poling lessons and demonstrations, Urban Poling poles and I publish a blog about my adventures through state and national parks, and other interesting places along the way! What I enjoy most about urban poling aka Nordic walking, is that it is easy to learn, low impact, and very effective. It great for beginners, those with limited mobility, or recovering from an injury- or those who simply are not interested in hurting after exercising. I am also very encouraged by research that shows urban poling aka Nordic walking improves and prevents chronic diseases, such as hypertension and diabetes, as well as being beneficial for orthopedic and neurological issues. I am proud to be an instructor with Urban Poling. Inc., which has designed simply the best walking poles and training programs for fitness and rehabilitation.
My other experiences include being a Wellness Program Manager, group and individual fitness instructor, health educator, wellness coach, Tai Chi instructor, mom, wife, and person interested in discovering more about the world and helping the people in it. Here are a few of my various degrees and certifications:
• Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Activity and Health
• Certified Instructor with Urban Poling Inc.
• Medical Exercise Specialist certification with the American Council on Exercise (ACE)
• Health Coach Certification with ACE
• ACE certified Functional Fitness Specialist
• Certified instructor with Taijifit Internati

Mandy Shintani 
OT, Gerontologist (CAN)

Mandy is an occupational therapist, gerontologist and the founder of Urban Poling. Her mission is to inspire all Canadians toward active living and wellness through innovative pole designs and education.  As an avid proponent of life long fitness, she has experienced herself how Urban Poling fuels a healthy and fun lifestyle that includes, using poles with other exhilarating activities such as snowshoeing, hiking and adventure travel, which she is passionate about.  As a therapist, her design of our patented ACTIVATOR Poles was rooted in her desire to create a tool that would revolutionize mobility and rehabilitation programs.  She is an international presenter and is considered to be one of the leading experts on this activity.  She was a finalist at the YWCA Women of Distinction Awards in the category of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Jeanette Masse 

Jeanette Masse has a background in therapeutic recreation and leisure studies.  She has 27 years’ experience combined in long term care and community support services where she works as a Recreation Therapist. Currently she is a Community Support Services Supervisor for ONE CARE where she has been the Supervisor for the Adult Day Program and Life After Stroke Program for over 12 years.  During this time Jeanette continued her education and training to specialize in Stroke Rehabilitation. She had the privilege to present the Life After Stroke program at the Canadian Stroke Congress in Calgary in 2012 and Vancouver in 2014. Jeanette was fortunate to be a part of the Caregiver Connections/Connecting the Dots project which was a provincial wide program designed to help caregivers in their journey, prevent burnout and learn how to cope and take care of themselves while caring for a loved one. She is passionate about health and wellness and is a certified fitness instructor and has been teaching a variety of classes for over 20 years.  However, her latest passion is Urban Poling!  Jeanette absolutely fell in love with it and has completed her certification in the Urban Poling and Activator course and is in the process of becoming a Master Trainer.  She lives with her husband and two children on a farm in Huron County, Ontario.

Jon Schultz is a Master Trainer at Urban Poling.

Jon Schultz 
Physical Therapist, OCS, PRC

My favorite part of physical therapy is helping people get back to what they love to do, whether it is running marathons, competing in the swimming pool, or simply performing every day activities, pain-free. My sports medicine and physical therapy background combined have given me the opportunity to work with a wide range of patients, from professional, Olympic, and collegiate athletes, to geriatric rehabilitation, in a variety of settings. My approach to therapy is to treat the body as a whole – not just the individual injury – to determine the underlying cause. Continuing education is a life-long pursuit of mine that I am blessed to have been exposed to since 2009. I pursued learning the science and application of Postural Restoration to help patients find solutions for self-empowered healing. This approach has guided me to help my clients achieve improved neuromuscular balance resulting in decreased pain and improved athletic performance. My ultimate goal as a physical therapist/health educator is to empower my patients to restore their body’s own effective movement patterns. By restoring optimal biomechanics, individuals are then able to move in a more efficient and pain-free manner. This is a collaborative process between myself and the patient to achieve this outcome of restored health. On a personal note, I have been married to my incredible wife, Leslie for 14 years. We have 2 beautiful daughters, Caroline (13) and Meredith (10), who keep us busy traveling to swim meets and soccer tournaments.

Diana Oliver
Pilates Instructor 

Diana is a dynamic business professional with an extensive background in marketing, sales and fitness. She has a passion for promoting the many health benefits of Urban Poling, which stems from her own personal experience. Diana combined Urban Poling with other positive lifestyle choices to regain a healthy weight and improve her cardiovascular health following two strenuous pregnancies. Her positive recovery has instilled a drive to help change the face of healthcare in Canada.  In 2012 she became a certified Urban Poling instructor and taught classes in her own Pilates business.  In 2014, she became co-owner of Urban Poling.

Nina LePage 
Personal Trainer 

Nina LePage is an Urban Poling master trainer, a Can Fit Pro personal trainer, group fitness trainer and older adult trainer. She is also a Hatha yoga teacher (200 hours) and has been teaching chair fitness and yoga classes since 2012. Nina started her fitness profession in 1978 and she has a lot of experience teaching both on line and in person. During her years living in SAN Francisco she took her nutrition educator certification at the Bauman Holistic College in 2007. Currently Nina is teaching zoom classes for the Lindenlea Community Centre and for the Rideau Sports Centre. Nina has helped with the warm up for many fundraiser walking events. She teaches Nordic walking at a social distance to small groups. The great outdoors is her passion. She loves to help people move well and eat well to feel good.

Lisa Limper

Lisa Limper has a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Florida and has worked in professional, collegiate, and high school athletics throughout her career. She has been a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist since 1992 and a Certified Athletic Trainer since 1993.  She has worked as a personal trainer at the YMCA of Middle Tennessee for 20 years, and coached high school football for seven years.  She has had a number of articles published and has served on national- and state-level committees for the National Strength and Conditioning Association and the American Football Coaches Association. Her areas of interest are helping people recover after injury or surgery, and sport performance coaching, and credits the Activator poles as being key to her own recovery from hip replacement surgery in 2019.

Barb Gormley
Personal trainer

Barb Gormley (www.barbgormley) is the owner of CustomFit Personal Training in Toronto, Canada, Director of Education for Urban Poling Inc., and a professional writer. She has written for Chatelaine, The Toronto Star, Diabetes Dialogue and the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, and is the senior editor at Fitness Business Canada. She is also the author of “The Urban Poling Ultimate Guide to Nordic Walking.” She loves introducing people of all ages and fitness abilities to the fabulous Nordic walking workout through her virtual Nordic walking group classes, special presentations, regular Quick-Start Clinics, and private classes.

Wendy Wilkerson
M.S. Ed. PWR! 
Rock Steady Boxing

I started my journey interning in cardiac rehabilitation department at a hospital in San Diego, CA. It is here where I fell in love with this field, working with people that just had a heart attack, or CABG surgery and being able to see the progression to a healthier way of life. Not only was I teaching them about their disease, but they were teaching me to become a better version of myself. This gave me the confidence I needed to keep moving forward in this path. After my internship, I was brought on full time in the clinic. After three years in cardiac rehab, my husband retired from the navy and we decided to move back to the east coast. Finding a job in cardiac rehabilitation was near impossible, so I ended up working in orthopedic physical therapy clinic while providing some assistance in neuro physical therapy. This is when I discovered I had more of a passion than just cardiac rehab. Working with people with Parkinson’s disease, MS, Stroke, ALS, etc. gave a new outlook on life. These people have lived with their disease for years, or they were newly diagnosed and were afraid of what was to come. I mainly worked with the Parkinson’s population and what was so interesting to me is that everyone is different, not a cookie cutter type of treatment. It is like solving a piece to a puzzle and working to find what fits for that patient! I started a group exercise class for Parkinson’s disease, getting certified in PWR! and then Rock Steady Boxing. This was shown to be a big need in our community and providing them with not only exercise, but also social support and long lasting friendships to help improve their overall quality of life. I pondered the idea of going to physical therapy school to work with the neuro population. I felt like I could do so much more for them where healthcare was failing. I decided to go back and get my masters degree in exercise science and wellness and luckily with the support of my husband, I started my own business. I picked the name Empowerment! Wellness because I feel it was a good fit for the types of clients I am working with, empowering them to achieve a better quality of life, no matter what gets thrown at you!  Since starting my own business, I have gotten certified as a MS Fitness Specialist, Urban Poling Instructor, and Let’s Face It Together, TM, (a facial fitness program that helps not only with the signs of aging, but with the facial masking of Parkinson’s and other populations). My passion lies in working with special populations. Everyone is unique in what they deal with day to day. I want to help them find that piece of the puzzle they are looking for. To reach a goal of getting down on the floor with their grandchildren, or to take those trips with their families, my goal is to help you live your best life! 

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