Pre & Post Hip/Knee Surgery

Summarized by Dr. Agnes Coutinho PhD

In addition to the many health benefits of walking with poles, use of the unique ACTIVATOR poles provide superior support when walking by encouraging proper posture, better balance and overall improved stability. Importantly, the use of these poles has been shown to remove some of the impact and stress away from knees and hips (further studies submitted for publication). The specialized ACTIVATOR poles and technique, designed by an occupational therapist, build walking-tolerance and confidence following hip or knee surgery, promoting an easier transition from the rehab clinic to an active post-rehabilitation lifestyle.

I had a knee replacement and the poles have given me the confidence to go out in all kinds of weather and kept me from being housebound because of the pain and mobility issues. The ACTIVATOR poles gave me a workout, better balance and a way to take some of the pressure of my painful knee compared to a cane. I absolutely love my poles!
-Sandra Birdsell

Research Benefits:

Evidence based studies on arthritis clearly identify poling as a healthy mode of physical activity suitable for rehabilitation. Urban Poling offers proven beneficial effects on key health parameters including:

  • Pain Management
  • Reduced Impact on Knee Joints
  • Higher exercise tolerance
  • Improved posture, balance & stability
  • Healthy Weight Management
  • Increased gait speed

Contact us for an education sheet on the use of walking poles with post hip and knees for your clients or additional information.

WOW!! The first time using the ACTIVATOR poles, I was able to walk half an hour with NO PAIN! I have severe osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and I need bilateral knee replacement surgery. The ACTIVATOR poles allow me to be mobile without pain by taking the pressure off my joints and I feel secure that I won’t fall. Now that I am able to be more active, I am starting to lose weight.   ACTIVATOR poles are giving me a new comfortable and promising lease on life.”
Joyce Giles

I immediately understood the benefits of the ACTIVATOR poles as an alternative to canes, crutches and even walkers. The poles encourage an upright and symmetrical posture, rather than the forward lean of a walker or an asymmetrical lean from one cane.  There is also an immediate reduction in lower extremity pain when weight bearing as well as improved balance and walking confidence”.
Dolores Langford, physiotherapist


 Why Health Professionals recommend ACTIVATORs


ACTIVATOR poles were designed by a Canadian therapist with the following unique features for mobility.

  • Ergonomic handles developed for weight-bearing and core strengthening
  • Strapless for injury prevention
  • Secure button locking system offers greater weight bearing capacity compared to turning lock systems
  • bell shaped tips provide stability
  • Carbide steel tip for winter walking
  • 3 Anti-vibration features minimizing stress on joints
  • Active Adults can use the Urban poles (Series 300, 4Life, Spirit) with the bell shape tip.  It is advisable to use the ACTIVATOR technique during the recovery phase.

Consult your physician or therapist before using the poles if you currently use a cane or walker, have any medical condition which affects your balance, stability, grip strength, vision, depth judgement or co-ordination, or if you are currently recovering from injury or surgery.

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Core Fitness

Our strapless ergonomic handle was designed to develop “core fitness” as you walk. Pressing the outside edges of your hands against the wide base of the handle engages your core muscles and creates resistance that propels you forward.
– Mandy Shintani, OT

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