Closely aligned to the clinical areas of focus that Fyzical
offers, resulting in numerous areas of client application.

ACTIVATOR® and Urban Poling program is a revolutionary and expanding form of Medical Fitness and rehabilitation that utilizes, evidence based and FDA Registered walking poles.
The award-winning Urban and ACTIVATOR® Poles have been designed through the lens of an Occupational Therapist & Gerontologist. Our Evidence based programs and accredited (CCU) educational platforms are being adopted as a therapy & fitness tool by diverse healthcare & medical fitness professionals due to their unique engineering and superior quality.

“We sold out of the first order of Activators® pretty quickly primarily due to Ann’s enthusiastic recommendations. We have a webinar we are working on as part of our covid-19 interventions as we believe it fits perfectly for people to safely exercise on their own outside and a good adjunct to the balance program. We trained 3 people and Ann is our guru or lead. I think it is important for someone to carry the torch for the program to be successful. We definitely think they are a good addition to the store with a good ROI with each sale”.

Denise Campbell | Fyzical Clinic Owner

Have you/your team taken the complimentary on-demand CCU approved Activator® Course yet?

This will help to solidify your knowledge and will reveal the numerous opportunities that exist for client application including:

  • Improved balance/vestibular rehab
  • Pre/post orthopedic surgery
  • Neuro: Parkinson’s, MS
  • Post-stroke
  • Cancer rehab
  • Small Group Exercise Programming (PWR, LSVT, Finding Balance, etc.)

*If you have any conditions, consult your physician or rehab professional prior to using the ACTIVATOR poles
or if you currently use or have been recommended to use a mobility device for walking. 

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