Fight Diabetes Course

Fight Diabetes Course

Fight Diabetes Course


Thank you for registering for the Urban Poling Fight Diabetes Course for Professionals.



To view our Get-Started Program click here
To view the important Stick with the Program article by Barb Gormley click here
For our Health and Fitness Journal click here



For safety guidelines for Urban Poling with diabetes click here

For CDA guidelines on the benefits of physical activity click here



For an explanation of how to use a StepsCount Pedometer click here
For a poster detailing the correct Urban Poling technique click here



Useful links:


To view the important NADA Exercise is Medicine article by Barb Gormley click here
To view the important Find Your Spirit With Urban Poling article by Dr. Agnes Coutinho click here

Canadian Obesity Network:

For Best Weight a Practical Guide to Office Based Obesity Management by Yoni Freedhoff, MD, and Arya M. Sharma, MD, PhD click here
For 5As of Obesity Management click here


For CSEP Physical Activity Guidelines 0-65 Plus click here

Research links:

Combined diet and physical activity promotion programs to prevent type 2 diabetes among persons at increased risk: A systematic review for the community preventive services task force. (Balk et al., 2015)

Evidence for the benefit of exercise therapy in patients with type 2 diabetes. (Madden et al., 2013)

Aerobic and Strength Training in Concomitant Metabolic Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes. (Earnest et al., 2014)

Effects of Nordic walking on cardiovascular risk factors in overweight individuals with type 2 diabetes, impaired or normal glucose tolerance. (Fritz et al., 2013)

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