Discover how to be instrumental in helping your clients achieve high priority goals including greater independence and active community participation with friends and family as well as increased confidence levels for walking with our ACTIVATOR Poles!

Prescribed as best practices for neuro rehabilitation in Canada and abroad, ACTIVATOR Poles improve all aspects of gait including: stride, posture, speed and arm swing (see video below).   Patented ACTIVATOR Poles are recognized as an effective option to canes to delay or reduce the use of walkers (under the direction of a physical therapist).

Course Agenda

Instructor Course – 12 to 2 pm  EST 
Audience:  fitness instructorsUP Instructor Course

  • Pre-Conference Virtual Warm UP – Barb Gormley
    Instructor Course for Fitness Professionals – Mandy Shintani & Diana Oliver
  • Agenda:  Intro, Benefits (fitness related), Urban Poling Technique, Assessment, Contraindications, Activator Technique.


Activator Course for Rehab Professionals – 4 to 6 pm EST
Audience:  physical therapists, occupational therapists, PTAs, OTAs, ATs
UP Activator Course
Presented by: Mandy Shintani, OT & GerontologistAgenda:  Intro, Research, ACTIVATOR Technique, Assessment, Contraindications,  Urban Poling Technique


Parkinson’s Session – 2 to 4 pm EST  (for both Instructors & Therapists).   

  • Welcome & Agenda – Diana Oliver & Mandy Shintani
  • Perspectives from patients with Parkinson’s
  • Guidelines for Group Exercise Programs
  • Seated, Standing & Gait Exercises – Sunhan Anderson, physical therapist
  • More Exercise Ideas with poles & other devices – Wendy Wilkerson

Instructor course & PD Session:  4 ACE, 4 ACSM, 4 FAI 
ACTIVATOR course & PD Session:  4 Procert with FSBPA, 4 ACSM

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