Improving Balance, Mobility & Mood

Improving Balance, Mobility & Mood for Parkinson’s, Stroke and ABI Clients

Learn how to use Walking Poles to improve Balance, Mood, Mobility and facilitate movement of the affected side.  Find out why therapists are prescribing ACTIVATOR Poles (patent pending) & technique to facilitate a more normal gait pattern compared to canes and walkers and with seated, standing and pre-gait exercises.

The Activator Poles by far are the most effective tool I’ve ever used! Overall It’s been great for my Rehab and great for my Recovery.  Lynn Bellanger, stroke client


  • Brief Review of Evidence Based Benefits
  • Activator Technique for Stability and Balance
  • Case Studies of Stroke, Parkinson’s & ABI Clients
  • 5 Seat, Standing & Pre-Gait Exercises
  • Tips for Group Exercise Programs

Presenter:  Gabriella De Nino, Kinesiologist
Date:  Wed Feb 21, 2018 (noon to 12:45 EST)
Cost:  FREE for NPAA & CPA members

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Plant, Push Propel

Proper technique allows you to get the maximum benefit from your Urban Poles.  When in doubt go back to the 3P’s, Plant, Push Propel.  Start slowly, if you become confused, stop & begin again.

Barb Gormley, Director of Education



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