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John Fenton – 2015 Walk of Fame Winner

Last year, we featured a walk of fame winner each month through our blog and social media who was nominated by one of our instructors,

Walk of Fame – Customer emails

Thank you to our customers who submitted stories for our Walk of Fame Contest… Gloria – Cruising around the world! I got my poles in

Walk of Fame – Mary Beth Eckersley

Mary Beth Eckersley is truly a role model for cancer survivors and for all of us.  Her journey with cancer started with stage three breast cancer in

Walk of Fame – Rosemarie Sears

Urban Poling, the Final Frontier The Voyages of a Fat-to-Fit Urban Poler by Rosemarie Sears This is the story of my 16-month-to-date mission to explore

Walk of Fame – Bea Huser

Bea Huser is 97.5 years young! Bea is a retired teacher and she taught students that had hearing impairment as well as English at all

Walk of Fame Contest – Bonnie Lindsay

Osteoarthritis sidelined me 25 years ago; no more running, no more downhill skiing. I eventually lost so much range of motion I couldn’t ride a

A Step in the Right Direction

I have always been very passionate about the prevention and management of chronic disease, such as type 2 diabetes, through physical activity. My curiosity in

Stay Active – Breast Cancer Rehab with Urban Poling

 When breast cancer survivor Sue Imeson was faced with the common cardiovascular complications of treatment and recovery, she took to Urban Poling

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