Below you will find Titles and Links to the following research articles used in this Module. For additional research on the benefits of Nordic Walking for other conditions, click here to view a list of research articles categorized by conditions.

  • The Effects of Walking Poles on Shoulder Function in Breast Cancer Survivors. Integrated Cancer Therapy -(Sprod et al 2005)
  • Health Benefits of Nordic Walking A Systematic Review. PubMed (Tschentscher et al 2013)
  • The effects of pole walking on arm lymphedema and cardiovascular fitness in women treated for breast cancer: a pilot and feasibility study – Jönsson & Johansson 2014
  • Stick Together: A Nordic Walking Group Intervention for Breast Cancer Survivors – Fischer et al 2015. 
  • Effects of selected forms of physical activity on body posture in the sagittal plane in women post breast cancer treatment. – Hanuszkiewicz et al. 2015 
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Going downhill

For moderately steep slopes, simply decrease the pressure on the base of the handles or drag your poles behind you. For steep slopes, keep your poles upright and in front and out to the side slightly, so if you do fall you won’t land on your poles. Bend your knees and elbows, and slow down any momentum. For long descents, it may be helpful to lengthen the poles.
Barb Gormley, Director of Education

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