Active Living for Active Communities

Active Living for Active Communities

UP Active Living Signature Program

Introduce POLE DANCING at your SL Homes!

A Truly Unique and Dynamic Program at Your Senior Living Homes that will be the 

Talk of Your Community!

We’re Focused on the Fundamentals for Factors Related to Fall Prevention & Fun! 

The evidence based, FDA registered ACTIVATOR Poles were designed through the lens of an OT & Gerontologist for these outcomes:

– Improved Balance with four points of contact.
– Improved Strength through actively engaging core muscles
– Improved Flexibility  with improved confidence to do larger movements
– Improved Aerobic with this full body workout

The UP Active Living Signature Program - Pole Dancing is 16 week Turn Key Program which consists of 8 thirty-five minute Pole Dancing Videos that your staff can play directly to residents (with supervision) or use as a teaching video to learn the program or create their own classes using the ACTIVATOR Poles. Each video comes with a detailed Lesson Plan with 50 new dynamic exercises. Your staff can learn how to launch this licensed program through a 4 hour CCU approved Senior Living Instructor Certificate Course.

Urban Poling Senior Living Instructor Course – CCU approved with FAI, ACSM and ACE. 

 Join us to learn the extensive research on walking poles, how to adjust the evidence based ACTIVATOR Poles, teach the ACTIVATOR technique for balance and ACTIVATOR PUSH technique for exercises to obtain optimal benefits for balance, posture and enhancing larger movements.  This course is the required training for launching the Pole Dancing Program and designated yourself as a Urban Poling Instructor. 

NEXT COURSE – Feb 22, 2022 at 12 to 4 pm EST 

Dates: May 4th, 2022
Time: 12 to 4 pm EST (9 to 1 pm PST)
Cost $399.99.  
Receive 4 CCUs and become a designated Urban Poling Instructor!

ICAA Special $ 299.99

For more information on Professional Pricing for ACTIVATOR Poles

For more info on course tiered pricing or customizing the course for your SL company and leasing the Pole Dancing Program, please contact Diana Oliver at or 1 416 668 0116.  Ask us about professional pricing for ACTIVATOR Poles for Senior Living Homes with our USA Distributors. 

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