Activators – PWR

Activators – PWR


Research studies on Parkinson’s identify poling as a healthy mode of physical activity suited for improving quality of life, with the proper training.  There are currently 15 independent studies on the ACTIVATOR® Poles in Canada and the UK, as well as 16 studies on ( which show the beneficial effects of Nordic walking for Parkinson’s.  

For more information on research studies, please visit

reg $134.98 special for PWR Members $ 114.73

Button lock 200 lb/pole (90 kg)

Patent CoreGrip™

Bell shaped Tips for Rehab/Stability

Boot Fitness Tips

reg $134.98 special for PWR Members $ 114.73

*If you have any conditions, consult your physician or rehab professional prior to using the ACTIVATOR® poles
or if you currently use or have been recommended to use a mobility device for walking. 

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