ACTIVATOR – Improve Gait Outcomes for Pre/Post Hip/Knee Surgery Rehab


Activate your treatment programs with an innovative and effective new tool called ACTIVATOR Poles.  In this seminar, learn how to improve outcomes for key goals of rehabilitation including: all aspects of gait, core strengthening and posture for pre/post hip & knee surgery rehabilitation.  Find out why hospitals and clinics in Canada, UK and Australia are prescribing ACTIVATOR Poles as an effective alternative to canes and to reduce the use of crutches & walkers (week 2 to 8 post surgery).  The patented ACTIVATOR poles & technique were designed by a therapist specifically for increasing stability and off-loading and are also used for exercises for both pre/post hip and knee surgery rehab.  This one hour seminar includes guidelines, tips for treatment and dynamic new exercises to motivate your patients!

After my knee replacement, the poles give me confidence to go out in all kinds of weather. They kept me from being housebound. Compared to a cane, they gave me a workout, better balance and they took pressure off my painful knee.” Sandra Birdsell

I immediately understood the benefits of the Activator poles as an alternative to canes, crutches and even walkers. The poles encourage an upright & symmetrical posture, rather than the forward lean of a walker or an asymmetrical lean from one cane.  There is an immediate reduction in lower extremity pain when weight bearing, as well as improved balance & walking confidence.”
Dolores Langford, physiotherapist, quote from article published in the British Columbia PT Association, Directions Newsletter.


-Research Review on Activator Poles and Nordic walking related to pre/post hip and knee surgery rehabilitation (15 minutes)
-ACTIVATOR Poles and technique for offloading and stability  (15 minutes)
-Guidelines for prescribing Activator Poles for pre/post hip and knee surgery rehab (15 minutes)
-Seated and Standing Exercise with Activator Poles for individual and group exercise programs (15 minutes)
-Quiz  (15 minutes)
Approximate timelines of this seminar

Included in this course:

  • Certificate
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Handouts

Prerequisites:  none
physical therapists, occupational therapists, OTA, PTA

Cost:  $139 per person.  Student fee:$99
Online seminar hosted by Mandy Shintani Reg. OT (BC) and Gerontologist.
Guest Speaker:  Physiotherapist Lisa Dykeman

Time Required:  This is a 1.25 hour online seminar.  You will receive a link via email to access the seminar.   Seminar consists of videos and PowerPoint Presentations with audio.  There is a discussion board on each chapter to ask questions or make comments.  Participants are required to achieve 80% on the review quiz.

Note: Participants should only use this knowledge to work within their professional boundaries as determined by their association and college.

Presenter Bios

Guest Speaker:  Lisa Dykeman, physiotherapist
Lisa Dykeman has been a registered physiotherapist for 12 years with a specialization in orthopedics and musculoskeletal injuries.   
She graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a Bachelor in Kinesiology in 2004 and completed a Bachelor of Science of Physiotherapy in 2007 at Dalhousie University.  
Lisa is a Master Trainer and has been teaching the ACTIVATOR Course for 6 years. 

Host:  Mandy Shintani, occupational therapist

Mandy Shintani has been an occupational therapist for 30 years and has her Master’s Degree in Gerontology. She is an international conference speaker and has presented at the International 200 years of Parkinson’s Disease Conference in Australia, the National Fall Prevention conference (Canada) and provided a poster presentation in the UK at the ACPIN Neuro conference.

Fourteen years ago, she developed the Activator Poles (patented) and technique specifically for rehabilitation based on the concept of Nordic walking.  5,000 therapists and instructors in Canada as well as Australia, UK, Ireland and USA have completed the courses she developed on the use of Nordic walking for fitness and rehabilitation. She has been featured numerous times in national media including; the Globe and Mail, CBC Early Edition and the Toronto Sun.  She was a finalist in the prestigious YWCA Women of Distinction Award for Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Disclosure Statement:  Mandy Shintani is the developer of the ACTIVATOR Poles and technique and course, as well as the co-owner of Urban Poling Inc. that distributes Activator and Urban Poles.

Cancellation Policy/Refund Policy:  Course participants can expect a full refund (minus the $25 registration fee) up to one week prior to the course.  Cancellations up to 48 hours prior to the course will receive 75% of the registration fee.  With less than 48 hours notice, 50% of the registration fee will be returned.

Core Fitness

Our strapless ergonomic handle was designed to develop “core fitness” as you walk. Pressing the outside edges of your hands against the wide base of the handle engages your core muscles and creates resistance that propels you forward.
– Mandy Shintani, OT

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