ACTIVATOR Course – Section 6

Urban Poling

Learn when to prescribe Urban Poles and the technique.


  1. When would you recommend the ACTIVATOR Poles & technique vs. the Urban Poles & technique? After watching this chapter, determine if and why Urban Poling could provide a better outcome for some of your clients.
  2. What are the five steps of the Urban Poling technique?
  3. How can you use the poles in the winter time to prevent falls?

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Note:  We often suggest that when a person is first learning Urban Poling it may be easier to adjust the length of your poles to a couple of inches shorter than your height (as indicated on the lower section of the Urban Poles), however as you become more proficient you may need to lengthen your poles to accommodate to your arm swinging forward with your elbows straight.

-If you are using the ACTIVATOR Poles to do the Urban Poling technique, you also should lengthen the poles so you can easily maintain a straight arm (vs the ACTIVATOR technique where your elbow is bent) and also as you become more proficient.   Also, change the tip to the boot shape tip.

-Winter walking inside your home/mall or indoor track – keep the rubber bell or boot tips on, so floors are not damaged.


Manual – Read chapter on Urban Poling

Videos are available on under “Getting Started”

Breast Cancer Rehab

Walking with poles can help reduce fatigue during and after cancer treatment and has proven beneficial to those in breast cancer rehab. To read more about the research that supports the benefits of Nordic walking for cancer patients, visit the Your Health section of our website.

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