ACTIVATOR Course – Section 5


ACTIVATOR Pole exercises for sitting, standing, pre-gait, and group exercises.  After each video, practice the exercises that are demonstrated.


  1. Can you think of how an exercise you currently prescribe can be adapted to incorporate poles?
  2. How does the use the poles improve this exercise in terms of providing better bilateral movement, promoting better posture or a functional gait pattern?
  3. Select and practice 5 new exercises that you can do with your own clients.

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For more ACTIVATOR exercises, see Appendix A in the manual

Going uphill

Keep your poles more upright and in front of you. Lean forward slightly, and use the poles to help push you up the hill. If necessary, bend your elbows, but remember to transition back to the straight arm technique at the top of the hill
Barb Gormley, Director of Education

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